Monday, February 23, 2009

Jam Packed Weekend

The Pearsons had a fun-filled weekend this weekend! The weather in Albuquerque was phenomenal; sunny, warm and no wind. Perfect! We decided to take advantage and get some fresh air. On Saturday we went to the golf course with Brian just to hit balls and on Sunday we spent the afternoon at the zoo. It was a very nice way to spend the weekend.

Jaxon is on the Move!
Last Sunday Jaxon started "crawling". He hasn't quite got the hang of going forward so he goes backwards! Whatever. Brian and I are just happy that he is moving, although it now means that we actually have to baby proof the house.

Putting with Dad
Whenever the weather is nice Brian wants to go hit balls up at the Country Club. Saturday he really wanted to take Jaxon with him (he really wants Jax to like golf!) I dressed Jaxon in appropriate golf course attire, khakis and all and to the golf course we went.
Jax and I sat on the grass while Brian hit balls. Jax loved sitting on the grass, well, I should say he loved eating the grass! A little grass never hurt anyone right? We also took a ride in a golf cart. Jaxon had so much fun riding along. He was laughing and giggling it was really cute. All Brian would say was, "I really hope that Jaxon enjoys golf. He doesn't have to be serious like I was, but as long as he'll go out with me on the weekends I will be happy." Awww!
Yeah Daddy! Good form.

Brian let Jaxon "drive" the cart. I don't even get to drive the cart!

Daddy and his little golf buddy
Animal Watching or People Watching

Sunday was zoo day. Albuquerque has a really nice zoo, WAY better than the zoo in Tucson. At each exhibit we would take Jaxon out of his stroller so that he could see the animals. He was not very impressed by the rhinos, apes, hippos, zebras or elephants. He was more interested in the people. All he would do was people watch. Now granted, ABQ has some very interesting people so I can't say that I blame him, but still. He was intrigued by the giraffes and porcupines. He could not take his eyes off of the giraffe. One was walking around and he just followed her with his eyes wherever she went. He does have a little toy giraffe so I wonder if that was why he was in awe.

Watching the giraffes

"OOO look at those people!"

"There are polar bears behind me? Whatever! Look at what she's wearing!

The 3 of us had a nice time and is was great to get some fresh air and not freeze to death! And for the first time I did not go to Target or spend any money on the weekend! This is a milestone in itself! I imagine we will be spending a lot more time outside if Brian has anything to say about it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Carseat Graduation Day

Jaxon has graduated to a big boy car seat!! This is exciting and very sad at the same time. My teeny baby is growing up :( . We found out about this big step last week when he had his 9 month well baby check up. Which by the way went well. He weighs 19.4 lbs ( I was sure he was in the 20's) which puts him in the 35th percentile and is 29 1/2 inches tall (90th percentile) thank goodness he has the Pearson height genes! As we are walking into the office the head nurse looks at me then at Jax then back at me and says, "Is this Jaxon? What happened to the preemie who barely weighed 5 lbs?"

Back to the car seat. Dr. Good told me he is too big for the infant seat and needed an upgrade. Much to my dismay though, we had to buy TWO seats. Who knew that the big boy seat didn't transfer like the little boy seat? I certainly didn't!

Anyway so off to Babies 'r Us we went, a 45 minute drive I might add. Guess what just happened to find its way into my purse, my camera! So I am the new mom taking pictures of her baby trying out car seats. I was a teeny bit embarrassed, well not really. We ended up buying both of these. One for my car and one for Brian's. The best part of it all was that the cashier gave us a twin discount! She asked Brian if we had twins. He says no. She says, "Are you sure? You get a 10% discount." Brian says, "Oh yeah we do have twins!" So here's my thought, which twin gets the less expensive car seat?

Testing carseats at Babies 'r Us.
Notice his shoes again. That Abuela of his...

Helping Daddy figure out how to install the carseat.

Enjoying his last moments in the baby seat while we install the big boy seat.

Checking out his new seat.

"I'm ready to go? Where to first?"

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh Lucy...

Our sweet little long-haired weiner Lucy is a bit neurotic, obsessive & persistent. There really isn't a limit to things she obsesses over: carrots, light, shadows, plastic bottles and now Jaxon's bath toys. It all started with a rubber duck. She whined and whined for this duck for days. Finally one day she stole it from the tub. I'm serious. I came home from work one day and she greeted me at the door with the duck in her mouth, pleased as punch that she finally go hold of it! I decided to just give in (yup, I'm a good mom) figuring it would make our lives easier. She would stop whining and obsessing once and for all. WRONG! She just found another toy to obsess over. She is constantly sitting in front of the tub waiting for something to steal. The other night Brian and I were giving Jax a bath and who do you think was right there? She actually took it one step further and got in the bathtub!!! Only Lucy.
Lucy searching for toys to steal.
Jaxon was laughing so much to see Lucy in the tub.
I love how he covered up his own private parts.

Once she finished greeting Jaxon, she sat and drank the water he splashed out.

I just couldn't resist this picture. Jaxon will hate me when he's a teenager, but I'm willing to take the risk! How cute are those little buns?

A Pat on the Back for Me

I just have to share our Valentine's Day gone wrong story. Well, just a little wrong and something I feel that only happens to us.
We got a babysitter for Valentine's Day so that we could go to a movie and have popcorn. I was super excited to have movie popcorn! We went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic (cute movie, but nothing like the book which disappointed me). Afterwards we wanted to grab a quick bite to eat and maybe have a glass of wine. Nothing fancy and we wanted to avoided the major restaurants. We (Brian) decided to go to a local pub and grill here in Rio Rancho, The Fat Squirrel. I had only been there once and the food was so-so, but I was willing to give it another chance.
We walk in and stand in front of the hostess desk. We are standing there for about a minute or so watching the hostesses chat (this should have been a clue). Finally one of them acknowledges us:
Hostess: Looks up
Brian: How long is the wait?
Hostess: 20 minutes but if you want you can sit in the bar area at a high top table. Points towards bar.
Brian: That would be perfect, we'll do that.
We walk towards the bar and a couple gets up to leave. We hover over their table and sit once they have walked away. A waitress comes over and clears the table for us. We both take off our jackets and mention how lucky we were to find a table so quickly.
Another few minutes go by and the hostess comes by.
Hostess: (A little unintelligible) Were you on the list?
Brian: List? What list?
Hostess: Were you on the list to be seated?
Brian: Uh, no. You told us we could sit here.
Hostess: (mumbling) Well, this isn't technically the bar.
Mind you, the bar was 2 feet away from us and we were sitting at a high top table like she told us.
Anabelle: Do you want us to leave?
Hostess: Yeah
Brian: Fine, we'll just go somewhere else. This is ridiculous you tell us to sit here and then you kick us out. Yadda yadda yadda
We leave and find another place.
While sitting at the other restaurant, which there aren't many here in Rio Rancho besides Chili's and I was NOT going there!, I get more and more irritated at this chick. I mean how could she tell us to leave? RUDE!
I tell Brian that after we eat we are going back to the Fat Squirrel and talking to a manager. Now, you all know me and I am not a confrontational person and do not like to make a fuss, but I just could not let this go. Brian is enjoying my ranting and getting a kick out of my sudden courage. He tells me that he will drop me off and be my get-a-way car.
After we eat we drive across the street and I, very confidently, walk into the restaurant and ask for a manager. The manager comes out and I very calmly tell my story. She apologizes and hopes that we will return. I tell her that's doubtful, but I appreciate her apology.
That's it. End of story. I feel pretty proud of myself. I know that nothing is going to come out of it, but I felt better I did something instead of just complaining.
Now I feel better I shared my story with all of you.
Soo... if you are ever in Rio Rancho, drive right past THE FAT SQUIRREL!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Anger Management Classes Maybe?

I think we have to enroll Jaxon in some anger management classes. His new thing is to scream for no reason and I don't mean crying screaming, but screaming screaming. He screams whenever and wherever he is: in the high chair, in a store, in the car, in the stroller, in a restaurant, you get the picture. I have no idea where he learned this new "trick" but he can't get enough of it. Sometimes the louder the better. It is pretty funny and sometimes not so much. I think my favorite was when he was pulling books off Brian's shelf and Brian was trying to "reprimand" him. He was taking no lip from his dad! This must be the feisty Puerto Rican in him!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Brian & Jaxon

Brian just melts my heart when he is with Jaxon. On Wednesday, Brian went to Costco and notices the baby clothes. A very cute firetruck outfit catches his eye and he just has to have it! He was so excited that he called me at school to let me know that he bought Jax an outfit. It was so cute. Brian is always telling me not to buy Jax anymore clothes because he has more than any one baby boy shoud, much less buy him something on his own. It was pretty special.
This afternoon we were going out to lunch and of course Jax had to wear his new outfit. Here is a proud dad and his son (and no, Jaymee, we did not color coordinate on purpose!)

Check out his shoes! Those are courtesy of Abuela... who else?

As you all know, Brian is a golf lover and has wanted to get Jaxon golf clubs since he was in utero. He is always on the look out for a set of clubs, never mind that the kid can't crawl much less play golf! But that is beside the point. This Christmas he was very close to buying him a set of $100 clubs!! He's crazy! Anyway, after lunch we headed to Toys 'r Us to look for a walker. On our way to the register I noticed a set of plastic clubs and pointed them out to Brian. You should have seen the look on his face! He says, "Those are the ones I've been looking for! They are perfect, put them in the cart!" I, of course, try to be the voice of reason and tell him he is too little, let's wait until he can at least walk. Nope he's not hearing it (shocker!) He says, "I don't care if he can play yet, I just want him to hold them. He can be the next Tiger Woods!" Oh dear. I'm starting to worry what is going to happen if Jaxon doesn't like golf or these new clubs. Thankfully he went crazy for them! Whew.
Look at me!
I can putt!
Brian trying to teach him the correct way to hold a club.
He did it!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Teeth are a'comin!

Jaxon's bottom two teeth are almost here! They are hard to see because he doesn't let us look at them. He will stick out his tongue or bite our finger when we try to sneak a peek. He of course will let us feel them and sure enough, it is pretty bumpy and rigid! So exciting. They must be driving him crazy because he just chews and chews on everything! Here he is chewing a carrot. My favorite is Lucy begging him to drop it (for those of you who don't know, Lucy's favorite treats are baby carrots).
What's up doc?
Uhh, I don't think I am giving this to you, Lucy.
What do you think mom? Should I give it to her?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jaxon Waves!

Jaxon may not be crawling, but he is waving! Yipee! I took him to school with me on Wednesday, I was not teaching I went to plan for next week. Anyway, he is sitting on the floor and my aide walks in and says, "Hi Jaxon." He looks up at her and waves! He had never done that and she didn't even prompt him! Then he just waved at everyone who walked in to say hello. The cutest thing is that he waves to himself. I think he his amazed with what his little hand can do and not even he wants to miss it.

The next day, I told Ami that Jax started waving and how cute it was. So she says, "You have to blog about it and I expect to see a video." Ok, no problem. He is waving all the time this shouldn't be too hard. HA!! The moment the camera turns on he forgets how to wave! I have been trying since Friday and nada! Here is his small attempt to make his mother happy, and have her stop taping every second of his day!