Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'll Say it Once & I'll Say it Again...


We (Brian) decided to keep the relocation money his company gave him to use on the house instead of to hire movers. GRRR. That's how I feel about that. and let me tell you.. I've been pouting and bitching the entire time. Nope I'm not ashamed to say it.

Our official move date is April 3. SO stressed!

I do have a little helper... So he thinks.

While Brian & I are cleaning out the storage closet...

Jaxon IS good at labeling the boxes for me (this says "Jackets")

We're shipping him off to Lola & Abu's house a few weeks early

We closed on our new house on Friday, March 11 and got the keys on Wednesday, March 16. On a side note, I have NEVER seen the house we just bought. Yes, the first time I will see it will be the day I move in. Kinda crazy. Brian keeps asking me where we should put stuff and I keep saying, "I've never even SEEN the flippin' house! I don't know!" Yup, sometimes I even use the real expletive. It's been stressful. Brian did take an extensive video of the house and it looks pretty amazing, I can't wait to see it!

Since the keys were being given to us on Wednesday, Brian decided to tow his car and a small UHaul out to Tucson. So we spent Tuesday loading it up.

Our dining room

An Empty truck

Several hours later we deemed it necessary to reward ourselves with an ice cold beer. Let me tell you, it never tasted so good!

We have about 3/4 of the house left to load and pack, well, maybe less but it certainly feels like a lot. I just hope we all make it in one piece. And I don't even want to think about unpacking!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Heard around the House

"When I growed up I pway 5 sports."

"Five? Let's count them."

"I pway basketball and baseball and football and soccer."

"That's only four. How about golf? You wanna play golf?"

Giggling. "Gof? NOOO! Dat's siwee. I no pway gof, it too hard."


When I growed free I go to school. I wide da bus to school. I sit berry berry still."


I was a little aggravated with Jaxon and may have snapped at him. He looks at me with the sweetest, most serious face and says, "Mama we have to wuv each other."


Brian and I really want Jaxon to learn Spanish, so I do my best to speak to him in Spanish throughout the day. The other day, I had been speaking to him ONLY in Spanish. After a few hours he says (with a lot of attitude), "MAMA! No tawk wike dat anymore! I no understand!"


Walking into Target...

"I want mac and cheese."

"No Bud we aren't going to eat here today."

"You no feed me a good breakfast. I need mac and cheese. My tummy is hungry."


My all time favorite:

"Mama, I miss you when you gone. I wuv you to da moon and back. I even wuv you when you gone."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Potteeee Dance!!

We have been working on potty training for what seems like YEARS, with not much success. I finally decided to give up, not ask and let Jaxon take control.
Well, Friday, Jax decided to take control. It started at Gymboree, he announced he had to go. So we dropped the parachute and ran to the bathroom. And like a champ he pee peed in the big potty! He came out of the bathroom and triumphantly announced to his class that, "I went pee pee in the potty! I can go to school now!" (He's been dying to go to school and I've told him he has to learn to go potty before that can happen)
When we got home, he said he wanted to wear big boy underwear, not Pull Ups, but real live tightie whiteies. And he was successful for the rest of the day!
Same thing for Saturday, Sunday, Monday and today! He is by no means fully potty trained, but we have had some really exciting times! (I don't want to jinx it and really shouldn't be saying any of this outloud, much less in a blog) It doesn't hurt that he gets 1 M & M for trying, 3 for pee and 4 for poop. So you can imagine how often we are in the bathroom.
Anywhoodle, my favorite part is the potty dance! We all (including the blind dog) have to do the potty dance each. and. every. time he does anything in the bathroom. He makes me smile every time.
Please dance with us. and enjoy his cute little tush in his Thomas the Train tightie whities.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Free to a Good Home

This cute little boy can be all yours... FREE!

current on his shots
sleeps through the night
eats just about anything
loves dinosaurs
still takes a 2-3 hour nap
loves to go shopping (and doesn't expect to get anything out of it)
can sit fairly nicely at a restaurant.
Oh.. and he's exiting the terrible two's and entering the horrific threes.

Any takers?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm Impressed

This will be quick, but I could not let the moment pass by without giving props to my dear husband.

This week I had parent teacher conferences, which means late evenings at school and no homemade dinner on the table for my little family each and every night. On Monday, I marinated some meat with hopes of making a traditinal Puerto Rican meal knowing that it would by my earliest night home. Well, parents had other plans and I got home too late and too tired to cook so we decided on leftovers, which meant the meat would sit until who knows how long before it got tossed.

Here comes in the BIGGEST surprise in my marriage to date... Brian VOLUNTEERED to make the Puerto Rican mean I was planning. Ok, the guy hasn't cooked anything a day in his life... aside from grilling, but come on, that isn't really cooking. :) So I left careful instructions and left on Wednesday morning hoping my house was still intact when I came home.

And let me tell you... when I walked in at 8:05 pm the house smelled like my mom's! Puerto Rican steak and rice and beans had been made! I was so proud.

I went to check on Jaxon and asked him about dinner, "I had beans and rice and meat! It was good. You should go have dinner Mama. It was good." That's all I needed to know. My boy was happy with his daddy's cooking.

I had to have a taste and Brian is officially Puerto Rican! He can cook some arroz y habichuelas (rice & beans)