Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh Lucy...

Our sweet little long-haired weiner Lucy is a bit neurotic, obsessive & persistent. There really isn't a limit to things she obsesses over: carrots, light, shadows, plastic bottles and now Jaxon's bath toys. It all started with a rubber duck. She whined and whined for this duck for days. Finally one day she stole it from the tub. I'm serious. I came home from work one day and she greeted me at the door with the duck in her mouth, pleased as punch that she finally go hold of it! I decided to just give in (yup, I'm a good mom) figuring it would make our lives easier. She would stop whining and obsessing once and for all. WRONG! She just found another toy to obsess over. She is constantly sitting in front of the tub waiting for something to steal. The other night Brian and I were giving Jax a bath and who do you think was right there? She actually took it one step further and got in the bathtub!!! Only Lucy.
Lucy searching for toys to steal.
Jaxon was laughing so much to see Lucy in the tub.
I love how he covered up his own private parts.

Once she finished greeting Jaxon, she sat and drank the water he splashed out.

I just couldn't resist this picture. Jaxon will hate me when he's a teenager, but I'm willing to take the risk! How cute are those little buns?

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