Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some Randomness

Has it really been almost a month since I updated this blog? Oh dear. 

This week I have been in a fog. Seriously, I'm not sure if it's the pregnancy or everything else that has not gone the way it should have this week. Literally... nothing went as planned. We did have a some much-awaited, long-time coming WONDERFUL news about Brian's job, but that's it (and it's really all we need).

 I digress....

Just to update, I thought I would post some random pictures from our 3 week Fall break 

Sometime over break we ended up with THREE Papis. Oh my. From Left to Right... Papi (the original most loved), Brother, and introducing Bobby. It all started at Home Goods when Jaxon decided that Reese needed her own pink Papi. Which we (my mom & I) bought 2 so we would have a back up (learn from your mistakes right?). Then Jax decided he needed ANOTHER Papi. 

Ready for bed.

 Jaxon visited the dentist for the first time. He was exceptionally behaved! I was so proud of him! 

Such a big boy, ready for his teeth cleaning!
Vickie, showing him the tools. Of course, Papi is there to comfort him.
We celebrated Brian's 35th birthday! Holy cow he's closer to 40 each and every day! 
Yes, Jaxon is in his pajamas. 

Yes, I let him have ice cream cake for breakfast. 

If you have never had ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery, I HIGHLY advise you to run out RIGHT NOW to get one! They are so unbelievably delicious. And that's not even the pregnancy talking.

Oregano's for his birthday dinner.
We had a nice evening out with Grammy Sue

We enjoyed an evening of Toy Story on Ice with the Bunchkins.

Jaxon enjoyed Mickey the best

Ok, Buzz?  A little (or a lot) creepy. First it really bothered me that he was so little. 

Barbie was my favorite. Or maybe it was when she danced to Aqua's "Barbie Girl" and Jaxon knew the words. Oops.

Sleepy tired boy, up past his bedtime. He was OUT within 3 minutes. 
 I had to take the oh-so-fun and tasty Glucose test. Gotta love that orange sugary drink. Thankfully I passed and didn't have to be tortured with the 3 hour test. 

And on the last day of break  I registered. Jaxon & my mom came to help. Jaxon had a blast "choosing" things for Reese. Conveniently it was all things he liked. 

But how adorable are these shoes he wanted to buy her? Such a  good big brother.

Reese is growing! She'll be 30 weeks in 2 days. Makes me nervous since Jaxon was born at 34. Gulp. I am not ready for her to come in 4 weeks! 
 She is now a moving machine! I can feel little feet or hands or elbows or knees all the time. I absolutely love it. She does get shy when she has an audience though. Right now music excites her and any mention of Target. She is my daughter after all :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

"Camping" Part 2

As Brian has said often in the past year, "If it weren't bad luck, we'd have no luck at all." Sure enough, bad luck struck the Pearson family again. This summer the weather in San Diego was too wet and cold to go to the beach, well it was the same this week in Greer. Too wet and cold to go fishing, hiking, exploring the woods or even sitting on the porch with a good book and cup of hot chocolate while Jaxon played. 
We were so bummed. All Brian and Jaxon wanted to do was go fishing, but the minute we would get out of the car at the lake or river it would rain... or snow.  Yes, snow. To make matters worse, the locals kept saying, "This is unheard of for this time of year. It has been so nice and sunny the last few weeks and next week is supposed to be beautiful." Leave it to us to pick the 3 worst weather days of the season! 
But, we made the most of it. We spent quality time in the cabin with a nice, roaring fire playing Go Fish, cars, Chutes & Ladders and making 'smores. We visited the next town over, Springerville, we checked out the damage the Wallow (?) Fire did this summer and we visited the resting place of Brian's dad, Joe. Boy, that was interesting. Brian, trying his best to always be honest with Jaxon and speaking to him like an adult, tells Jax that we are going to see Grandpa Joe. Oh my! "Grandpa Joe? I thought he was in Heaven with God? Where is he? I don't see him! What's ashes? I don't see ashes. Where's Grandpa Joe?" Yup, on and on. Maybe talking to him about Grandpa Joe's final resting place wasn't the best idea we'd had. 
All in all, it was very relaxing and time well spent with the family. This will definitely become another Pearson family vacation tradition. Maybe in June.


Exploring the tiny town of Springerville. Can we say windy?

Our new friend, Quincy the cow. He was so friendly!

Honestly, the wind!

The sky is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Oh to be 3 and find pure joy in sitting on a broken down tractor!

We always find somewhere to shop. This time it was the Family Dollar

He chose cars.
 So we stopped at Paradise Pizza for lunch. Yeah. It was interesting. The place was like a ghost town. NOT A SINGLE SOUL in the place except one employee. Brian orders and the guy asks him, "Name please?" No joke, Brian literally looks around the place as if it say, "Uh, there's no one else here but us Dude." It was all I could do not to bust a gut laughing. Hilarious! I think it was my favorite part of the entire trip!

The decor was classy!

Not a soul!

I think they forgot this corner was visible. It was more of a storage area.

Never judge a book by its cover... the pizza was AWESOME!

The understatement of the year.

What you can't see is the snow falling.

Hoping to see a deer or bear. No luck

Whoa! There's Reese!

Random shack in front of our cabin. A storage shed perhaps?

Love my family! Can't wait to add a little girl to the mix.

Ominous sky. Snow falling heavier now.

One of the cabins destroyed by the fire

And another

And another.

This one seemed perfectly in tact next to the rubble you see above. Amazing.


Dreary. Wet. Cold.

Next vacay... family of FOUR!!! YIKES