Saturday, February 7, 2009

Brian & Jaxon

Brian just melts my heart when he is with Jaxon. On Wednesday, Brian went to Costco and notices the baby clothes. A very cute firetruck outfit catches his eye and he just has to have it! He was so excited that he called me at school to let me know that he bought Jax an outfit. It was so cute. Brian is always telling me not to buy Jax anymore clothes because he has more than any one baby boy shoud, much less buy him something on his own. It was pretty special.
This afternoon we were going out to lunch and of course Jax had to wear his new outfit. Here is a proud dad and his son (and no, Jaymee, we did not color coordinate on purpose!)

Check out his shoes! Those are courtesy of Abuela... who else?

As you all know, Brian is a golf lover and has wanted to get Jaxon golf clubs since he was in utero. He is always on the look out for a set of clubs, never mind that the kid can't crawl much less play golf! But that is beside the point. This Christmas he was very close to buying him a set of $100 clubs!! He's crazy! Anyway, after lunch we headed to Toys 'r Us to look for a walker. On our way to the register I noticed a set of plastic clubs and pointed them out to Brian. You should have seen the look on his face! He says, "Those are the ones I've been looking for! They are perfect, put them in the cart!" I, of course, try to be the voice of reason and tell him he is too little, let's wait until he can at least walk. Nope he's not hearing it (shocker!) He says, "I don't care if he can play yet, I just want him to hold them. He can be the next Tiger Woods!" Oh dear. I'm starting to worry what is going to happen if Jaxon doesn't like golf or these new clubs. Thankfully he went crazy for them! Whew.
Look at me!
I can putt!
Brian trying to teach him the correct way to hold a club.
He did it!


Ami said...

SOooo cute! A golfer in the makings! Now the only thing that could make that better is another child to add to the mix! :) hee hee...I know, I know. I'm relentless! Either way, loving the daddy-son thing! :)

Fisher Family said...

The best outfits are not always planned... but look how well they do match and what an ADORABLE picture they took together. Love those daddys with their baby(ies): ) And the clubs are way too cute. Now you just need a little girl with her own blush brush and pretend cell phone. We can be wishful, we need someone to pass down our 6 tubs of VERY cute girl clothes.

Adam and Samantha said...

How cute! I love that he just had to get him golf clubs, that was like Adam and a football. I think Ethan was a week old when Adam bought him a football. And I can't believe how much Jaxon looks like you, what a cutie!!