Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Traditions

As Christmas drew nearer, we needed to get going on our Christmas traditions. Somehow, time got away from us and we had to pack it all in. 

Starting with our annual visit to Santa. This year, Brian wasn't able to go with us, but we still made the most of it and had fun. 
Reese was all gun-ho to see Santa. Until it was time to sit on his lap. Then she wanted NO part of him! 

As I start to unbuckle her from the stroller, she panics. "No no no! Buckle on!" and she is frantically trying to buckle herself again. This is a first in her life. I am calmly and happily telling her that she gets to sit on Santa's lap, "How fun! Look Bubba is sitting on his lap." Reesey, "No lap! No Anta! Buckle on!"  Not even her big brother could coax her to sit on Santa's lap. I tried my hardest to throw her on his lap, but she is a strong girl and I could not pry her arm off of me. In order to avoid a huge scene, I sat down next to Santa and she was fine. She looked at him very curiously, but stopped yelling. So now I join the millions of moms who have to be in the picture with Santa.

For at least 5 years now, Cottonwood kindergartners make a sock snowman for their parents. I am now a proud owner of said snowman. I even had the privilege of helping in Jaxon's classroom when they assembled their snowman. They are absolutely adorable and each one has their own personality. It is one of my favorite Kinder traditions!

We can't forget my most favorite Christmas tradition of all! Our annual Christmas Cookie Disaster. The girls & I have been getting together each Christmas to make Christmas cookies since 2007. Well, okay. We don't actually make cookies. That is where the word disaster comes from. Baking together isn't our strong suit so instead Sarah makes the cookies at home, brings them and the rest of us eat & drink. The hostess makes a delicious dinner, we chit chat, drink wine, make a memory ornament and enjoy each other's company without kids. 

The only kid this year was Kinsley, but she didn't make a peep all
night so it didn't really count. :) 

Ami had wine labels made for us from our Friends/Wedding dress
get together. Such a perfect gift! 

Our Memory Ornaments. Not sure where 2011 went...
We write memories of the year on a strips of  scrapbook paper
and fill a glass ornament. Super easy!

This year we went to Winterhaven. Winterhaven is a neighborhood in town where almost all of the houses go all out with their decorations. They are open the last 2-3 weeks of December for the town to come admire the lights. It is quite impressive.

Reese on the way home. She's in there somewhere.
My mom bought the kids a gingerbread house kit. Jaxon and I sat down one night to decorate it. It was super fun. He took his decorating job very seriously. He did not eat a single piece of candy. 

Ned the Elf visits us from the North Pole each year. 
This year, on Christmas Eve, Ned left the kids a note saying goodbye and telling them that Santa was going to lift his magic at 10:00am. They would be able to hold him and hug him for a few minutes. 
Jax could not wait for 10:00. He was way excited, but once it came around he was nervous. He did not want to be the first one to touch him. 

Daddy had to go first, to make sure the magic was really lifted.

Reese was not scared. She immediately poked him in the eye. 

Look at the excitement!

Giving him one last kiss 

one last hug.

Once they said goodbye to Ned they wanted to say goodbye to Sally, my parent's elf. 
Thank goodness Sally was on the ball.

Good bye Ned & Sally. See you next year! 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is less than two weeks away and we finally have our Christmas tree! 
As tradition dictates, we went over to see Duhon at Brian & Kelly's Christmas Tree lot. 
This was my year to choose the tree. Last year, Brian and chose and it was terrible. A real Charlie Brown tree, and not in the cute way. As we were on our way, Jaxon told us he wanted a big, fat, fluffy tree. "One that is as fat around as it is tall." he said. I couldn't agree more. He is just like his mama! 
As we pulled in to the lot, Jaxon yelled, "I want that one!" He picked it out before we even got out of the car! I encouraged him to look around, but he was not being swayed. He knew what he liked and wasn't backing down. 
I loved the tree too so it's what we got. 

Why is it so hard for them to both look?

This is pretty much as close to perfect as we are going to get.
Too bad Reesey has terrible cold sores. :(

Shouldn't have pressed my luck. 

Our annual tree lot picture

Brian is sick this weekend so I took it upon myself to string the lights. 
When I told Jaxon he says, "You can't do that. You are a woman. You are not tough. You don't bang, you don't smash. You could get hurt." 
Really, Jaxon? It's lights. 
By the time we were done he says, "Wow! You are the best Christmas tree light hanger upper ever!"
That's right! 
After lights we started the task of decorating it. 
Decorating the tree is my favorite holiday tradition and this year did not disappoint. 
Jaxon was so excited about each one and after inspecting each one properly, he would choose the best spot on the tree. 
Even Reese seemed to understand the importance of decorating the tree. She was surprisingly calm and gentle with the ornaments. She even took time to admire them. 

Did I mention she had to wear her new leotard? 

This is her inspecting her handprint ornament from last year.

Lucy found a new spot. 

I love this picture.
The finished tree...
The tree is so big that it swallows all of our ornaments!