Thursday, August 14, 2014

Let's Dance!

My girl-mom dreams have come true! The day I have been waiting for since the ultrasound showed girl bits came this summer!! Reese started ballet!! OH. MY. GOODNESS. My heart was swelling with happiness. Weeks before the class began I ordered her a new leotard, convertible tights (a hole at the bottom of the foot so that tights become footless tights), teeny tiny ballet shoes and tap shoes. EEEEEE!!! 
The class is a ballet, tap & tumbling class. They do each for about 20 minutes and it is the cutest thing EVER! Her favorite of course is tap, because why wouldn't it be? You get to stomp around and make noise! 
As expected, Reesey's attention span is like a gnat's, but hey she's not even three! There is A LOT of redirection by Miss Mary and a lot of "Reese, you should be over here." But, she loves Miss Mary, she loves going to ballet, she loves wearing her ballet clothes and she loves dancing. 

And while we are on the subject of Reese, one day after ballet, I decided to take her to the nail salon to have her nails polished. Girl mom dream come true number 2! 
She was such an angel and soo proud of her nails! She even sat still for the tech to paint a flower on her thumb. 
The only bump in the road was when Reese decided half way through the first coat that she wanted a different color. The tech was so kind and allowed her to go form fushia to baby pink. I mean, not many people say no to Reese.