Sunday, November 23, 2008

Santa Clause is Coming to Town!

Today was the day Jax met with the big man himself, Santa Clause! Yes, it may be a tad bit early for Santa, but, we figured we would beat the crowd. The last thing we wanted to do was to wait in line for an hour and have a crabby baby and Santa. So off to the mall we went. No lines and no crabby anybody! Brian and I were a bit afraid Jax would be scared of Santa, but once again our baby came through for us. He was fascinated by St. Nick. In typical Jaxon fashion he took a minute to study this new face and once he was familar with it he gave him a big gummy smile. It was precious. He would look at Santa, smile, look away then back to Santa. Santa and his elves were very pleased. They said they wished all visits were as pleasant as this one and that Jaxon was the happiest baby they'd seen! Jax is simply the best, we couldn't have asked for a better baby!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wow! What a Good Lookin' Family!

Last week we had our family pictures taken at JC Penney. They came out so well, if I do say so myself! I got the ones we ordered today, even before the internet ones! I was bragging on how cute Jax looked to my mom and of course she couldn't wait to see them. Sooo... I took pictures of the pictures to email her. Once that was done I just HAD to post them here to show off my handsome little boy. He looks so adorable in his "old man" outfit, as my mom likes to call it. Who says there are no cute boy clothes (See what you have to look forward to Ami, just think, 3 "old man" outfits!)? Without further delay... here is the family I love so much!

Hee hee! Love the sweater vest & corduroy pants .

He sat up for a few seconds before he plopped over.

Who does this kid look like?

What a sweet face!

My favorite!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

EWWW! Not prunes!

Today was the day Jax was introduced to prunes. Umm yeah, I'm not so sure he is sold on that whole thing! He scrunches up his face and shudders after every bite. Then he has to tell me how much he does not like it. I was grateful he didn't spit it out at me like he did when he ate green beans. Probably because I didn't make him suffer through the entire jar. Luckily for him I was late for my hair appointment. But never fear, we are giving it another try tomorrow! I am a glutton for punishment. Check out the video, it's pretty funny. It may be a bit long, but you will get the idea after a few seconds.

He also learned to hold his bottle all by himself today! He has been trying for awhile now, but hasn't been able to keep it in his mouth by himself. This morning he was starvin' marvin and was throwing a fit while Brian changed his diaper, so Brian says, "Give him the bottle!" So I did and Lord and behold! he held it all by himself! I quickly grabbed the camera to capture the moment. I think he looks awfully proud of himself.

I took him with me to my hair appointment today, and he was a hit. He is such a little flirt. He smiled, laughed and talked to all of the ladies there. He spent 2 hours going from lady to lady. Every time I went to check on him he was being held by someone different. So much for having stranger anxiety! He doesn't know the meaning. He was like, "See ya, Mom! I have lots of girls who will hold me and play with me!" He is such a charmer!

I'm also posting pictures of us on Saturday. My mom bought him some boots a couple of months ago and he wore them for the first time this weekend. Check them out, he looks like a big boy. Granted, by the time we walked from the backyard to the car, the boots had been kicked off, but they are cute nonetheless.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our New Look... Scaffolding!

The work on our loft continues! Now, not only is our dining room in disarray so is our living room. We have added a new piece of furniture... a scaffold! It is the new thing in home decor, everyone should get one. This weekend Luis, our "builder", is texturing and next weekend he will hopefully paint and add the doors and we should be done! We are ready for it to be done and to put our house back in order.

This is the inside of the loft.
The view from the stairs.

Looking into the kitchen from the couch. You want one huh?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Under Construction

The Pearson Household is under construction this week. We have a 3 bedroom house with a den and a loft. So lots of room but really only 3 of those rooms are enclosed. So we decided to enclose the den and the loft so that if we ever get more than 1 couple to visit, people could have their own rooms. Secretly I am hoping the current guest room will become the room for another baby, but don't tell Brian :). Here are our construction pictures.
The loft before the wall goes up.

As the wall goes up.

It's enclosed! Just waiting for texture & paint.

Doctor, Shots & Voting!

Today was Jaxon's 6 month well baby check up... hard to believe he will be 6 months on Friday! He is doing very well. He weighs 15 lbs 14 oz and his length is 28 1/4 inches. He is in the 25% for his weight and in the 95% in height!!! Thankfully it doesn't seem like he is going to take after his mom in height. Whew!! The doctor was amazed at how much he has grown. He says if he didn't know any better he would have thought someone had made a mistake in his measurement way back when.... he was only in the 5% when he was 2 months old. Looking at him now it is hard to believe how tiny he was and he was almost 2 months early. I feel very blessed to have such a healthy little boy.
He was such a good baby the entire time he was being examined. He just kept smiling, laughing and talking to the doctor. He was even happy when he saw the nurse come in with his shots! He is always well behaved during shots. He only cried for a minute. The look on his face is priceless when he feels the needle in his leg. His eyes get all big and then he frowns, turns red and cries. Poor baby, but he cries for just a second and then is done. He just wants to let us know that he doesn't appreciate being poked. Of course as we are walking out of the office he whimpers a bit to get some sympathy from the nurses.... what a drama king!
After the doctor it was off to VOTE! I have heard how the lines were going to be long and there would be hours of waiting. Since I waited for 3 HOURS to vote in the primaries, there was no reason to doubt the lines would be long today. So I went prepared: 2 bottles for Jax, a new book for me, a Grande Chai from Starbucks, a few toys to keep Jax entertained and a blankie so he could nap. I was ready! I was pleasantly surprised and, to be honest, a tad bit disappointed. No lines no wait. I was in and out within 5 minutes. My biggest disappointment though was no "I Voted" sticker!! I put my ballot in the little thing and was anxiously waiting for my sticker that I always look forward to (there is a reason I teach Kinder) and nothing! So I ask, "Umm do you guys have stickers?" Nope no stickers today, sorry. So I have nothing to show for my voting efforts. So sad. At least I did my civic duty. Let's just hope my candidate wins.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jaxon's 1st Halloween

We had a pretty busy week this week, with a Halloween party on Saturday, 2 power outages, a field trip to the pumpkin patch, parent teacher conferences, and Halloween itself. No wonder Joey is falling asleep during dinner! Anywhoodle, we have a lot of pictures!

Last Saturday we went to a costume party at Jaxon's babysitter's house. Jax went as a puppy. He was so cute! Unfortunately, I was a bad mom and didn't have him try on the costume before. So, it turned out to be too small. :( He was too long for it. If you look at the pictures closely you can see his legs folded up to his chest. Needless to say, he didn't last too long in his costume.

The bulge above the paws are his legs. Poor Baby!

Now what was he going to wear on Halloween night? He had an outfit my mom bought him that he was going to wear during the day, but how about for Trick or Treating? Thank goodness for Uncle Brooks and Aunt Rebecca, they saved Halloween night! They sent Jaxon a very cute pumpkin outfit that was perfect for going out on Halloween!

On Tuesday, I took my lovely kinders to the pumpkin patch. It was actually the best field trip I have been on so far. I told the kids I was going to choose a pumpkin for Jaxon. I picked a good sized one and they told me it was too big for a baby. So I had them pick a perfect pumpkin for him. They were so cute searching for his pumpkin. Here he is with his very first pumpkin

He loved standing on the grass, but not so much sitting on it!