Thursday, August 30, 2012

More Simply Snapshots

Meridy has done it again! She has taken stunning pictures of my babies! I am so in love with each and every one of these pictures. I want to order a 16x20 of each photo and cover my walls with them. I'm not kidding. 

We'll start with Jaxon. 
She offered a mini-shoot for back to school. Please notice the background. Jaxon wrote his name on the chalkboard and under he wrote a 'P' for Pre-school. First of all, I'm SUPER proud he could write his name in order and with fairly good formation. Second of all, I'm excited he knew how to write a 'P'! We haven't even practiced at home! Thanks Preschool! 

He makes me so proud

I honestly think he will be able to read all 3 of those books
in 2 years. 

Love love love

And now on to Reese. There are no words. 

My absolute favorite

She's showing off her clapping skills here

Her lips. I'm in love with them.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rollin' & Clappin'

We have a roller! It's about rollin' time! Now that Reesey can roll she is a rolling fool! She will just roll back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. It's a wonder she doesn't get dizzy. 
She's happy to be on the move that's for sure.

I left Reese on the blanket, sitting up. I came back a few minutes later and she was here.

Oh. Back to the blanket.

Just kidding. Back to the carpet.

She's learned to clap too! 

Reese is also 9 months! Brian & I both went for her 9 month check up. Boy am I glad I wasn't by myself. There was literally blood, sweat and tears at this appointment. Ok, not sweat, but blood & tears for sure. Poor Peese, she was pretty miserable.

First there was a toe prick to check her iron levels. This didn't even phase her.

Then there was waiting while Brian & I asked a million and one questions.

Then there was the check up. Which turns out she has 2 nasty ear infections. Mother-of-the-year right here.

Then came a breathing treatment. Reese has had a pretty bad cough and terrible wheezing on and off for the past several months. We've taken her to the pediatrician and to the pulmonologist for this on several occasions. This week the cough is back. Dr. Goldberg suggested a breathing treatment to see if her cough improved. Oh dear God. The girl was a basket case.
 Crying, screaming, flailing. It was awful. I'm sure we scared away all of doctor's patients.

If that wasn't enough, she needed a shot. Thank goodness it was only one. The second the needle touched her leg she began screaming. Again. The girl doesn't lack for drama that's for sure.
As any good mom, I pick up my crying girl to comfort her. I look down at my dress and notice BRIGHT, RED BLOOD all over it. Super. Did I mention I was wearing  WHITE dress? Yeah. Even better.

By the way, every spot of blood came out. Thank you OxyClean! 

Seriously. In my almost 4 1/2 years as a parent and holding my kids over a dozen times after shots, I have never, not once, even seen a dribble of blood. Today, I wear white and the girl is oozing blood from her leg.
Good times at the pediatrician.

BUT. There is good news! I was able to circle 'yes' on 23 of 27 question on the developmental questionnaire! Yay, Reese! I've never gotten past the first question on the back. :)

AND loads of formula.

Now onto the stats...

Weight : 18lbs. 5 oz. - 41st percentile (on a 9 month scale, not 7 month!)
Height: 29 in - 91st percentile
Head: 44 cm - 51st percentile

While she 'caught' up to her 9 month peers in growth, developmentally not so much. She hasn't yet caught up in that department. Developmentally she is on track for a 7 month old, which is her adjusted age.

All in all she is on track.

My favorite part of Reese at 9 months... she can sit up in the bathtub! She absolutely loves taking a bath with Jaxon.
Bathing two kids at once is so much better than one at a time.

Love it.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Random Happenings

I have been terrible at taking pictures lately. I take a periodic picture here and there and I don't even use my 'real' camera! The iPhone has changed everything. I have taken a few videos of the kids, nothing too exciting, but it's always fun for me to post a video.

That's why, tonight, we have a Random post.

A little sprinkler action before 9:00 am

Proudly posing with his new organizing buckets.
He has a bucket for arctic animals, reptiles, prehistoric sharks, whales, ocean animals and....
"land animals who are not extinct, you know still walking the Earth"

Reesey took her first 'big girl' bath today with Jaxon. 

She's pretty pleased about it!

Reese still needs to be swaddled to sleep. She's almost 9 months. Probably not the best habit to continue since she has yet to learn to roll from her back to her front. But, once you see this video you'll understand why we still swaddle her as tightly as humanly possible. 
I mean the screaming is ridiculous! 

Brian has always said that Jaxon has good eye-hand coordination. I think the video proves it. I don't know many 4 year olds who can consistently hit a baseball that is pitched to them. Isn't that why they start with Tee Ball at 5? But, then again, I'm not much of a sports know-it-all.