Saturday, May 30, 2009

Children's Museum

On Thursday Jaxon & I met with my friend Becky and her 2 little girls Abigail & Kaitlyn. We decided to take the kids to the Tucson Children's Museum. I had never been there, but had heard it was great. When we walked in I was a bit nervous because Jaxon was the only kid who couldn't walk. What do I do? Do I keep him in his stroller? Do I let him crawl and get trampled?(yes, I was being dramatic with my inner self) Well, I did what any laid back mom would do and let him explore his little heart out. If he got stepped on then, maybe he would be motivated to start walking! I was probably a little too laid back since I let him put everything in his mouth! Ahh, he needs to build up his immunities right? All the while I was thinking, I hope no one has had the swine flu in here. He had such a good time! And he and the girls played very well together.

Our first stop, the fire truck. He LOVED the steering wheel.
Kaitlyn and Jaxon on there way to put out a fire! They really are concentrating aren't they?
Jaxon may follow in his Uncle Brian's footsteps... a motors officer!

Kaitlyn & Abigail I am not kidding when I tell you that he crawled around with this block in his mouth for quite awhile. I should win mother of the year!

Jaxon was going to explore a new room, but the girls were still playing in the other room. Becky tells Kaitlyn to go get Jaxon (she can walk) and she sure did!
Is that not funny?! My favorite part of the day!
Jaxon and Kaitlyn in the music room.

Abigail, Kaitlyn & Jaxon in the "Baby Room"

Jaxon with a "patient".
Grocery shopping

Abigail really takes grocery shopping seriously! "Mama! Let me sleep!"
I hope this "stink eye" isn't going to be a permanent thing!
What an angelic face. You would never have guessed he had just given me a dirty look!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Holy Kids!

Today we had a playdate with "Mesquite Teacher Friends". All I am going to say is man we have a lot of kids! Who would have ever pictured this 9 years ago when we all met? It was a great afternoon!

Here's everyone!
Let's start with the top row: Karen, Jenna, BJ + twin boys, Leigh & Abigail. Middle row: Heather + baby girl, Kara, Preston, Alexa, Seth, Nicholas, Me, Jaxon. Bottom row: Ella, Colton, Hunter, Ethan, Ami

Jaxon was clearly excited to see his triplet buddies!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jaxon Walks!

Well, ok, walking may be an exageration, but he has officially taken his first steps! I actually wasn't sure if they counted, but after talking to my friend Becky (who has 2 successful walking little girls) I feel confident that they did occur! Here's the scoop:
Yesterday, Jax and I were visiting our favorite triplets. I was on the couch with Hunter, Ami was on the glider with Colton, Debi was on the floor with Ethan and Jaxon was holding onto the coffee table. All of a sudden, Jaxon turns around to face me (well, let's be real, he was checking Hunter out!) lets go on the table and walks without holding on to the couch! This was a good 2 or 3 steps! Ami and I look at each other and say, "Were those his first steps?"Ami, being the supportive friend she is, says, "I would count it! We're your witnesses."
Well, I still didn't believe it (I am imagining that once he lets go of the table, he will just keep on walking). Apparently that is not how it works! Talking with Becky, I learned that they will take a few steps and then not take any for a few more days. But today he took 3 steps between my mom and me! Wahoo! We are on our way! I do feel bad for Brian though, the last thing he said to Jaxon as he got on his flight back to Albuquerque was, "Don't start walking in the next 2 weeks!" I believe he jinxed it.
You know I will keep you posted on his progress, who knows maybe I could capture it on video :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

First Hair Cut!

Yesterday was the day... Jaxon's 1st hair cut! Brian has been dying to cut his hair for awhile now, but we had to wait until he was a year old (if you cut his hair before he's 1, he won't talk... my mom's belief). Jaxon did pretty well. We went to Pro Cuts, the 2nd place we went to. I must admit it looked a little shady, but there was no wait so in we went.

Laura was going to be the one to do the honors. Now, think Kat Von D from TLC's LA Ink, that is who this girl reminded me of. She was awfully sweet and patient with our little "beast". He was really excited to sit in the chair, then Laura comes up to talk to him and what does he do? He gives her the stink eye! She tries to be friendly and he swats her hand away! That kid! At this point, Brian starts feeding Jax cookies to distract him and it works for a bit.
Let the cutting begin....

Kat Von D, tattoos and all!

When we left Brian says, I thought we had taken him to a tattoo shop for a second!

He would try to escape everytime she sprayed him with the water bottle.

The end of the hair cut came when she brought out the clippers! Jax was having no part of this and he let us know. Thankfully, Brian isn't shy and says, "Ok, I think that's enough. How much do we owe you?" After we pay, $12.78 plus a $5.00 tip!! sheesh!, Brian tells Kat Von D, "Dont' worry, we won't be back." Oh Brian! I am sure everyone in there was happy to see us walk out that door!

So, I hate to say this about my own son, but I can't keep my mouth shut. I think he looks like George O'Malley from Grey's Anatomy! After I mentioned it to Brian, he refers to Jaxon as George now, yet another nickname!

Just in case you don't know who George is

On the way home from LA Ink, I mean, Pro Cuts

Later on that afternoon...

This morning. yup, still looks like George!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jaxon's 1 yr Pictures

Thursday was Jaxon's 1 year pictures at JC Penney's. All I am going to say is that it wasn't exactly a success! But, they did turn out pretty cute and you better believe that these pictures will be used to my advantage someday when Jaxon gets older.


Look at all my teeth!

I do not like you!

I've had enough!

Mama, get me outta here!

And my personal favorite... Jaxon giving the stink eye!

Do not be surprised if this is the look he gives you when he first meets you. I get it all the time!

During the session I was pretty upset that Jax was being a "diva", but the more I look at the pictres the cuter and funnier I think they are! I may still have them redone, but for now I am happy with them.

Monday, May 11, 2009

ANOTHER Doctor's Appointment

Today I went to see Dr. Edwards, the Endocrinologist. I am very proud to say that I was paying very close attention this time (it helps that Dr. Edwards is an old man)! I was taking notes and everything! I was Johnny on the Spot at this appointment. Here is the rundown on what happened.

1- He reviewed the pathology report with me, which was exactly what Dr. Coffman had already said (tumor was 1.5 cm, larger than most. Cancer had spread to 2 lymph nodes. Due to these 2 facts we have to do the Radioactive Iodine (RAI) ).

2- I go off of the thyroid medication on May 24. While off of the thyroid med, people become lethargic, puffy, swollen, etc. On May 25 I start the low iodine diet (LID). I have to be on this diet for 2 weeks and 3 days. Let's go over this diet again (I would like sympathy for this one):
* Iodized salt, sea salt
* Seafood and sea products
* Dairy products of any kind (milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, ice cream)
* Egg yolks or whole eggs
* Bakery products
* Chocolate
* Fruits
* Vegetables
* Unsalted nuts
* Egg whites
* Sugar, jelly, jam
* Sodas, beer & wine
* LIMITED amounts of meat & rice

3- On June 8 I get a blood test to check my thyroid levels.

4- June 9 I go to the hospital to swallow the RAI capsule and IMMEDIATELY go home to start the isolation.

5- June16 I have a full body scan to see where the RAI went in body. this will tell us where else the cancer may have spread. I will go get Jaxon on June 17 or maybe even the evening of the 16th!

6- Follow ups: for the next year I will have a check-up with Dr. Edwards every 3 months. A year after the RAI I will have to do a full body scan. This means doing the LID again and have another tracer dose of RAI. Depending on what the results are I will do it again in another year or another 5 and so on. Every year for the rest of my life I will have to have an ultrasound of my thyroid to make sure their is no recurrence.

Brian & I have decided that while I am on the LID I will go to Tucson with Jaxon and Lucy. This way my mom can help take care of Jaxon in the event that I just don't feel good. Plus, she has done TONS of research on the LID so she knows exactly what I can eat and what I can't. she won't let me cheat at all. Whereas, Brian, well he has no will power!
We are all planning on driving to Tucson on May 23. I will fly back (minus a little boy and dog) on June 7. Once I take the RAI capsule I am radioactive. These are my instructions for that period of time:
These are all for at least 72 hours unless otherwise noted
* Keep away from people (6 ft or more)
* Sleep alone in a separate room
* Do not use mas transportation
* Do not take long car trips with another person
* Use your own bathroom
* Keep away from infants, children and pregnant women for at least FOUR days
* Avoid conception for at least 6 months
* Use disposable cups, plates, and utensils
* Urinate frequently
* Flush toilet 3 times and wash hands well
* Shower 2-3 times daily
* Wash underwear separately from other clothes
* Wash linens and clothes separately from other people
Sounds great huh? I asked about touching the remote, phone, computer, etc. and he said that it is fine as long as I wash my hands before and after. The radioactive life is only for about a week and won't contaminate anyone after that. But I am not allowed to touch anything that Jaxon will use. Apparently kids are more sensitive to radioactivity.

I resume a regular diet & start a new thyroid med 3 days after the RAI. I should feel pretty good a few days after the medication kicks in. I am hoping it is within a day!

Once the first week passed after my diagnosis I felt pretty good about everything and what was coming my way. I was a little scared about surgery, but no big deal (easy to say that now that it's done!) I was even fine while talking with Dr. Edwards today. But when I sat down with his nurse and she scheduled me for the treatment and scan. I started to freak and wanted to cry. I don't know why, but having this written down and know a definite date freaks me out! I think I am more nervous now than I was for the surgery. I am glad to finally have a date and know there is an end in sight.

I think that's it. I did a good job of listening huh? I didn't even refer to my notes while writing this!
Ami has taught me something new for the blog! A slide show! Thanks to Ami I have put together a slideshow of Jaxon's 1st year. It couldn't have come at a better time. I hope you enjoy watching my little boy grow.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy 1st Jaxon!

Jaxon turned 1 on Thursday!! I can't believe it. Everyone one always said to me, "Enjoy the newborn stage, it goes by fast." Well, they are all right! Boy did this year fly by. I cannot believe that my tiny little preemie is one year old. I am a bit sad that he is no longer a baby. It is amazing how much they learn in one short year. I was always so worried that he wasn't hitting his milestones (rolling over, waving, crawling), but when I think about it, it is absolutely amazing how he is learning! I am so proud. Well, let's get into the big birthday...
The preparations started the night before with decorating the house and making Jaxon a birthday shirt.

Brian graciously volunteered to iron the iron-on. I know it was because he thinks I am not the best ironer in the world (which I will not argue with) and don't always have the best attention to detail.

Here's the finished product!

Jaxon was so intrigued by the decorations. He was in awe and was trying to figure out what was wrong with his house! He LOVED the balloons on his chair though. He had fun playing with them during breakfast.
Looking at the decorations
After breakfast it was time for presents! Well, he kind of made it presents time, since he spied them on the coffee table and made a bee line for them. I wanted to put his birthday shirt on before presents (always thinking about the blog pictures!). Imagine trying to put a shirt on a kid who has just discovered his presents, not an easy task! but we got it done and of course there was also a birthday hat!

Are these for me?

Let's open presents!

Opening the lawn mower Abuela gave him.

Our little birthday unicorn

Reading and listening to the card Abuela gave him. Yes, it was one of those cards with sounds. He loves anything with music!

Ok, so I must toot my own horn here. I am so proud of myself because I did not go overboard on presents!! Yay me! All I got him was a little t-ball set (pictured on its side above), a Handy Manny toolbox and a ball. That's all! Can you believe it? (Let's not mention all of the clothes I got him later, though. Those don't really count!) He also got a musical lawn mower from my mom, money in his 529 college fund account from my dad and grandparents, a book from Tia Kate, and a golfing outfit from Uncle Brooks and Aunt Rebecca.

Let me tell you about the Handy Manny toolbox... A few weeks ago Brian & I started letting Jaxon watch Playhouse Disney and one of the shows we watched was "Handy Manny". It's a show about a man, Manny, who is a repair man. His assistants are tools who talk and they are bilingual. Brian really likes the show. A few days later my mom and I were birthday shopping and I came across this singing and dancing toolbox. I was super excited! Jaxon would love it (and so would Brian). It sings a catchy song and says a few phrases in English and Spanish. Perfect! It's great! Cut to a few days after his birthday and the toolbox is driving us nuts! Jax will sit with the toolbox and press the button until he hears the song, then he will bob his head and move his body back and forth... he's dancing! So cute! Well he does this over and over and over and over. Now, he doesn't listen to the phrases, just the song and he knows to skip right through the "boring" parts. Brian and I have had this song stuck in our heads for days!

After his nap Abuela, me & Jax headed for the Rio Grande Zoo!

Notice how he is just lounging in his stroller. Is this not funny? That's pretty much how he spent the entire trip.

He perked up when he saw the sea lions and seals swimming in front of them.

With Abuela. How cute does he look??

I love this boy!

I know this is a bad picture, but I posted it so you could see my scar. It's almost un-noticeable!

One more nap after the zoo and then onto cake! I ordered a cupcake cake, which was the best thing EVER!! He was able to go to town while we slowly took cupcakes from the other side. There was no cutting of the cake, no knives it was beautiful!

Trying for a family picture before cake. Didn't go so well. Notice Lucy's birthday hat!

Jaxon wasn't so sure at first. He kept looking a Brian as if to say, "Can I touch it?"

All he needed was permission!

With Sloan Wilson. Jaxon loves her and was flirting the entire evening! Watch out Hunter Bunch... you have competition!

Whew! What a long, busy, fun day! and thank goodness for my mom because she took care of cleaning him up! Jaxon had a perfect 1st birthday.