Thursday, January 31, 2013

Raising her Right

I'm raising Reesey to be a high maintenance  girl for sure! Today's lesson, Take Care of Your Hair. I am a die hard salon goer. I'm there every 5 weeks, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. That is not an exaggeration. If you had my 80 year old head you would too.

Today was a momentous occasion for me. Reesey had her first haircut!

Once again, Reese is the complete opposite of Jaxon. I'm pretty sure he cried through his entire first haircut, and every one since then.

She looks upset, but let me assure you, she was super content.

I have to give a shout out to Gina! She was awesome! She's been cutting my hair since we moved back to Tucson and I was super happy, and at ease, that she would be cutting Reese's hair for the first time.

Oh, Reesey, how I look forward to many more salon days with you. Now, when are we getting a mani/pedi together? :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rules are Meant to be Broken

In my short career as a mom I've had one rule and one rule only... NEVER let the kid out of the stroller or shopping cart. EVER. Okay, this isn't my only rule, but it's the one I value the most. There's something about kids running around the aisles that drives me insane. They take stuff off the shelves, they get in people's way, they get lost. Ugh. I think the main reason I keep my kids contained is because of the other customers. I don't want people giving me the evil eye because my kids are out of control.
How we are supposed to shop
 To this day Jaxon sits in the basket. And he's 4 1/2. He only walks once there is no more room for groceries.

Enter Reese. She has made me break my favorite rule. I really had no choice. The girl can't be trusted to be left in the cart unattended. 

Reese's preferred method of shopping.

I've only given her freedom twice. This week. We went to Target and as Jaxon's reward for being good, we stopped by the toys to look around. As you can imagine, Reese was having no part of staying put. So, I gave in. I figured, I had no shopping to do in this section, I could 'control' her. 
Wow! Was she ever happy?!

At this point, I was getting anxious. She was pulling toys off the shelves and trying to climb them. 
I said to Jax, "We have to go. Reese is making a mess." His response?, "Just put her back in the cart."
The lady in the aisle chuckled. Dude speaks the truth. 

Sweet freedom was short lived. Thank goodness. 
I compromised and let her sit in the basket. 

Ah. Reese. I'm sure this won't be the only rule I'll break for you. 
Jaxon has every right to say to me, "But you let Reese do it. Why can't I?"
One day, you'll understand, Bud. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Happies and Crappies

Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up

This week, I'm starting something new. Our favorite teacher, Ms. Courtney, started it last week & I loved it so much I thought I'd pay homage to her and follow in her footsteps. :) 


I got nominated for Teacher of the Year for Cottonwood. :) Yay! Me, along with my two teammates. We are one fantastic kindergarten team! 

Brian was home all week and especially helpful in the evenings with the kids, dinner, dishes and packing of snacks.

Reese is almost a walker! I'd say she's about 80%.

Monday off for MLK and a fun trip to Target, with a Chai in hand and the kids in a good mood. 

Spending some time in Jaxon's classroom.

Reading Jaxon's letter to "The Lady who is the Boss of the Library"


4 people sick in the house. Reese with a respritory virus, exacerbated asthma, and possible yeast infection, thrush or allergic reaction to latex on her cheeks. Sigh.

Reese waking up crying and coughing several times a night.

Reese needing wanting  demanding to be held as I cooked dinner.

A throbbing shoulder and achy back due to the 20 + pound child attached to my hip. 

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another Jaxon Gem

I'm starting to be concerned about anyone who wrongs Jaxon, you know, a waiter, a customer service person, anyone. He seems to have a knack for writing nasty letters if he doesn't get his way. 

Today he chose our school librarian to be the lucky recipient of one of his letters. This morning before school we walked through the library and he decided he wanted a Star Wars book. Unfortunately for the librarian, she didn't have one on hand. She told him she would search the cart, which holds paperback books and are not alphabetized, and put it in my box when she found it. 

This was not good enough for Jax. When I went outside for recess later, I see Ms. Courtney waving me over with a paper in her hand. Uh oh. 

"Dear The Lady Who is the Boss of the Library, " is how the letter begins. 
"When will I be able to find my book? I want it before we go outside. I want a Star Wars book. They are all chapter books. Did you look on the cart for the one with pictures? How many minutes or hours will it take?
Love, Jaxon
PS I hope it's before I leave to go home."

Aye chihuahua. What am I raising???

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Let's Play Ball!

We are becoming a sports family, again.
Last Fall we signed Jaxon up for soccer. Yeah. That was a bust. He just wasn't ready so we pulled him.

We have now registered him for T-Ball. He actually started the Winter season last week and we also signed him up with a different league for Spring. He is SUPER excited! I think he's ready. It really helps that one of his best buddies from school is on his team.

He has been so excited that he has been out in the backyard practicing at any chance he gets. Including in 20 degree weather, wearing pjs, flip flops and his baseball helmet.

I'm not sure if he was a fan of playing 3rd base...

1st base was a little better

We can't wait to see what this season will bring!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Climbin', Movin' and Shakin'

Reese is everything Jaxon wasn't as a baby... a bad sleeper, colicky, a spitter, a crier, a late talker and most recently, a climber. Girl may not be a full-on walker yet, but she can climb! I've caught her on the dish washer door, the shelf, her musical activity toy and the time out chair. This one isn't staying in her crib until 3 1/2 I know that!

I walk away for a minute and find he on the chair.
She's pretty impressed with herself

She also doesn't take 'no' for an answer. After scolding her and moving her away from the chair, she was back at it.

Thank goodness I signed her up for Movers and Shakers! Our first class was last week and she had so much fun! Climbing, dancing, jumping, it's all right up her alley. Oh and did I mention having Mama all to herself? Best 45 minutes of her life! 

During the parachute, the babies are put in the middle of the parachute and the parents walk the parachute in a circle. Think carousel. Babies stay in one spot parents move the parachute. Not Reesey. She crawled her way all the way to the top of the parachute. Oh yeah. It was off the ground too. 

What? Sitting is for weanies. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Conversations with Jaxon

The other night, Jaxon & I went to a small party with my parents. On the way home Jaxon is talking non-stop, nothing new really. All of a sudden he comes up with this gem...

J - "I was in Mary's tummy"
M - Thinking of my friend Mary, say, "No. You were in my tummy."
J- "No. I was in Mary's tummy. In heaven."
M - "Whaat??"
J - "Yeah. I was in Mary's tummy. You know while I was waiting to be born. While God was trying to decide who my parents would be. I was in Mary's tummy."
Abu - "Wow. Mary must have a big tummy if all babies are there waiting to be born."
J - "No. It was just me. It was a big tummy. As big as Mama's when Reese was in it."


On the way from school to get Reese he gives me another whopper.

J - "I wish we could have another baby."
M - "Really? You want to have another baby?"
J - "Yeah. I do."
M - "What kind of baby do you want?" I'm thinking boy or girl baby.
J - "A white skinned baby."
M - "Oh. Ok. How about a girl or boy baby?"
J - "A boy."
M - "What will you name him?"
J - "I don't know. I'll decide when he comes out."


M - "Jax, I love you so much."
J - "Do you love me more than my sister."
M - "I love you just the same."
J - "You should love me more. I don't climb or do naughty things."


I've decided it's time we start going back to church. We were consistent for awhile, but stopped going sometime before Reese was born. The night before, I went through the whole, "There's no talking during church. We can only take 3 small toys and a coloring book. You have to wear something nice." Etc. Etc.

During mass he had a slew of questions. "Why do they sing so much? Why do we have to stand for so long? What is Baptism? Why is church so long? Why do we have to hold hands? Where is God?" My favorites...

During the opening prayer he says, "Mama. I saw God." Then a few minutes later, "Mama? Why isn't the waitress talking?" Waitress? Huh???

And during the homily, "Blah, blah, blah." 
Super. Now I remember why we stopped going to church.


Reese's new thing is to stick out her tongue. She sometimes sticks out her tongue and tries to "kiss" you. She went in for one of these kisses with Jaxon and Jaxon stuck his tongue right out and let her "kiss" him. Jaxon responds with, "Look Mama! Reese & I are lick kissing!" 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday Night Cuteness

Reese's latest thing is sticking out her tongue.
Sooo funny!


Jax, sound asleep.  Reese, recking havoc around him

Play date with Best Friends
L to R
Jaxon & Reese, Delaney & Brody, Hunter, Brinley, Henry, Colton, Ethan

Reese was clapping.
Brody was done.
Brinley was having no part of it.
Poor Henry was shell shocked.
Ethan was happy with his truck.

Reese is already stealing Daddy's wallet

A warm afternoon at the zoo

Home just in time to catch up on celebrity gossip

Waking up from a long nap...
Crazy hair

She belongs in the Pampers commercial with the bed head
Wearing Jaxon's backpack and LOVING it!

OMG! Look at the belly on that girl!

They love this chair!