Thursday, September 27, 2012

10 Months

Holy guacamole! Where did the last 10 months go? I can't believe that in 2 months Reese will be a year old. Whoa. 

Yes, Reese wrote the '10' :)

Weight - 20 lbs 5 oz. 
Food - Reese eats anything put in front her. Food or not! She loves Cheerios and home cooked meals. 
Sleep - Reese still takes 3 naps a day. They vary from 2 hours to 45 minutes. 
She goes to bed between 5:30pm and 6:30pm and wakes up between 6:00 and 6:30 am. Although, Tuesday, she woke up at 7:30am!! 

Trying so hard to crawl
Physical - Reese loves to stand. She screams bloody murder if she's not standing!
She is trying so hard to crawl. She can finally get on all fours and rocks, but no movement. She just rolls where she needs to go. 
She claps at everything and waves when the mood strikes.
Reese doesn't sit still long! When being held she is usually 'jumping' or reaching for something she shouldn't have.
She is also learning to give kisses. It is so cute. She gives the most kisses to her daddy, Jaxon & Abu. My mom & I are chopped liver apparently.

Language - Reese can FINALLY put a consonant in front of a vowel. We've been working on this since the home nurse came three months ago. Her go to is 'ba ba ba'. In the last few days she has started saying, 'ma ma ma' and I even heard a 'mam mam'. We will now work on getting her to name things and/or people.
Meet Feisty Reese. 

Temperment - Oh wow. She doesn't take crap from anyone. Especially her brother! He does one thing she doesn't like and she screams! And does she have a high pitched, ear splitting scream. Sheesh. She is the happiest baby as long as she is the center of attention and being held (while standing up).
She's going to be the party girl. We already know. 
She's also going to be the kid that breaks the rules and smiles to get out of trouble.

Likes - She loves jewelry. Chewing on it anyway. 
She likes to steal things that don't belong to her. That's why her nickname is Swiper
She likes to be held and to sing.

Can you see her vampire tooth? The front 2 are coming in as we speak.
Thank goodness!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Photo Dump

 Photo Dump Post! 

My people know how to relax!

Lucy lives for us to go swimming! She loves to hang by the side and wait for someone to splash her.

Izzy on the other hand... not so much. She is clearly an indoor dog. She spent the afternoon on the shaded patio. Not a dumb dog.

 Oh how Reesey loves to be in the water. She would float all day.


Jaxon invented a yoga pose at school.
The Rolie Polie. 

Speaking of school. I actually enjoy bringing Jaxon to school with me on weekends. He's at the age where he is helpful! And when he's not needed, he entertains himself. On this day, he wrote a message to my students.... then erased it because he didn't "want to leave a messy classroom."

School as zapped Jaxon this year. He has fallen asleep on the couch several times. This is unheard of for him. He's a very routine kid and ONLY sleeps in his bed or car seat. 

Reesey discovered puzzles. 

They taste pretty good!


I took Jaxon to visit Firefighter Mimi one weekend. Firefighter Mimi is a mom at my school who talks to the preschool and kindergarten kiddos every October for Fire Prevention Month

Listening to Jaxon's heart in the ambulance.
Hope this is the only time he's in one of these!


Jaxon learned how to fly a kite a couple of weeks ago. 

See that tree? When I was put in charge of supervising the flying,
 I watched it fly right into the top of that tree.
I'm awesome.


Trying no-spoon baby food. Yeah. We aren't sold.

Brian & I got a wild hair and decided we NEEDED a new couch so we spent and entire Saturday couch shopping. Super fun with 2 kids by the way. You should try it. 
Reese finally fell asleep and stayed asleep on our last stop. Of course we didn't have the good stroller where the car seat snaps in. So we improvised.
She 'clicked' into a wheelchair perfectly. The whole thing cracked me up. Especially the flag on it so we wouldn't steal the chair!

Brian looks thrilled to be shopping with these two.

Not the couch we chose. We actually didn't buy anything.


Reese loves to stand anywhere and anytime. 
Thankfully she hasn't figured out how to pull herself up yet.

The 3 of us have spent an awful lot of time at doctor's offices lately.
In a month, Reese has had her 9 month check up, 2 double ear infections, flu shot and a pulmonologist follow up. Yes, that's at least 5 trips across town to see a doctor. 
Oh and Monday I had a thyroid check-up, today Jaxon went to the dentist and tomorrow he goes to the allergist for an allergy test. Sigh.

She & Jaxon have gotten good at playing in the waiting room together.


Reese's 'Don't mess with me until I've had my bottle' look.


Reese learned how to wave. So stinkin' cute! The best part of this video is when Lucy starts barking and Reese turns around to give her the what-for. But, I stopped taping when Reese began her lecture.