Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pima County Fair

Lucky for us the week after we moved back to Tucson the Pima County Fair came to town! And doubly lucky for us, we are 5 minutes from the fairgrounds! Brian had no interest in going to the fair, but thank goodness Ami did! She invited Jaxon & me to join her, her sister, Mary, her mom, Debi and of course the Bunchkins. We went on a Thursday afternoon before naptime and before the rides opened. Of course Brian says, "What's the point of going to the fair if the rides are closed?" Well, we had a blast without rides! Plus we spent minimal money... $30 to be exact and that included parking!

The first stop Jaxon had to make was ice cream. I said, sure you can have ice cream. Ami & Debi thought I was crazy. But how could ice cream on a warm AZ day go wrong?

Well, let me tell ya. Ice cream melts! I honestly did not think of this. Apparently Ami & Debi did, they just forgot to mention it to me.

Yeah. It was a drippy, sticky mess!The best part for me was that the guy who sold me the ice cream also gave me a cup & spoon so I could transfer some from the cone to the cup, which I did and shared with the triplets. Well, as Jaxon & I are covered in chocolate Ami says, "You should have asked for a cup." Umm, yeah. I did and you threw it away! Oops! Too funny!

Jaxon & Ethan looking longingly at a ride they could not go on. And then... we came an elephant... that you could ride!!! How excited were we?? Of course I forked the seven bucks a person to let Jaxon ride the elephant. The smile on his face was priceless! So worth every penny.

Can't you just hear Ethan saying, "Oh Woooow!"

Not exactly sure what is wrong with my camera. But many of the outside pictures turned out this way. I'm not going to lie, but I was nervous Jaxon was going to slip off the side of the elephant. Then what? We'd be on the news... "Mother lets her child ride elephant and he falls to his death." Not kidding, I couldn't stop thinking about itThen off to the shark tank and the fire truck.

The kiddos in the shark cage.

I think Hunter was upset because Jaxon was driving... get used to it Hunter, Pearson boys don't like to be in the passenger's seat. Plus, they are TERRIBLE backseat drivers!

Look closely at the signs... "The Hunters" "The Jacksons"

Oh, and what Jaxon & I had been waiting for... the animals! Seriously, this was better than any ride!

Humongous Turkey! Those are some ugly animals.

Chickens & Roosters. While looking at these, Jax was trying to imitate the roosters.

And the highlight... the horses!! Jaxon was in horse heaven! He pet them and talked to them, one even licked me and he thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread!

Here he is clapping at the horse trying to get him to neigh. Not kidding.

I believe the conversation went something like this: "Hi Horse. What's your name? I'm Jaxon Joe Pearson. Nice to meet ya. I wike your stables. I wike your mane. You are a nice horse. Can you neigh for me?

"Hunter, I'll meet you under the bleachers at 3:00"

It didn't take but 5 minutes for him to be out cold.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The. Cutest. Couple. EVER!

Seriously, this is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time! Today we went to Nicole's son, Brody, 2nd birthday party. The kids were having a great time playing while the adults socialized and kept an eye on the kiddos. At one point we are doing the head count and realize that Jaxon and Hunter (Ami's daughter, who we have an arranged marriage with) are in the playhouse. Together. Alone. Then we see Jaxon get up and close the windows. I kid you not! Funniest thing! We better keep a close eye on these two as they grow up.

Jaxon closing window #1 & #2

There goes window #3

Notice how Hunter is pointing to the window. As if to say, "Don't miss this side too."

Seriously?!? How cute are they? Melts my heart! Our first grandchild is pretty adorable too.

Who knows what Jax is telling Hunter, but she sure looks enchanted by her beau.

She may be rethinking her feelings! "Uhhh, Mom. This kid is nuts. Get me outta here!"

The birthday family.

Delaney, Eric, Brody, Nicole & Daylen

Ta Daaa!

Here it is... our new house! We are finally done unpacking and putting up pictures! It took us less than 2 weeks, so excited about that! Actually, we still have 2 rooms that are either empty or a complete mess, but we have no furniture for them so they don't count! Now, Brian can work on the front and back yard. They need a little TLC and Brian has been dying to get his hands dirty.

With no further ado...

The formal living and dining room

The front door from the living room. Jaxon's room is to the right.

Jaxon's room

Our room, to the right of Jaxon's room

Our bathroom. LOVE!

Hallway from family room looking towards our room

Family Room

Kitchen & breakfast nook

My favorite part... the view from the sink.

Quails come visit us and walk along the fence. So cute!

Hallway to the bedrooms... guest room, laundry room, office and workout? room.

This is the portion of the house that is not done, therefore I don't visit often.

Jack and Jill bathroom. View into the office from the potential workout room

Our office. I probably should have turned the flash on.

Guest bathroom

And that's it. Our new forever house. I absolutely love it! I have some functionality issues with it, but it is just a matter of getting used to it. It is the house of our dreams and one we will grow old in.

I'll end this post with this cute little face. He misses his old house and keeps telling Brian, "Go to Home Depot and get some stairs. We weft ours in da old house. Da new house needs stairs."

Happy 7 Years!

The happiest day of my life....

I love you Brian!

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sneak Peak

So we have moved. I am exhausted. I am done opening boxes. Done as in I still have a crap load left, but have no motivation to actually do anything with them. It is driving me crazy! I have left the house twice this week and each time I seriously expect for the boxes to be empty, put away and my house to look wonderful. Alas, it hasn't happened. That darn little fairy keeps forgetting where I live. Shoulda left her a forwarding address.

Since the house is a disaster, I do not want to take pictures. So for those of you who have been wondering.... here are a couple of pictures.

After I took this picture I found out there was a dead RAT at the bottom of the pool! YUCK!