Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ready to Help!

Jaxon is SOOO ready to be a BIG brother. Actually, he already says that he is. He asks me almost on a daily basis, "Mommy, what are we going to do with this baby?" The first time he asked was one of those days when I was actually thinking the same thing myself, "What are we going to do with TWO kids! How will we split our time?" So I said to him, "I really don't know Jaxon." He responds, "MOOOOM, we are going to give her a bottle, we'll change her diapers, we'll tickle her and we'll give her kisses." Talk about melting my heart and putting a mom at ease!
Honestly, I am seriously amazed with this child and the words that come out of his mouth! Now when he asks he doesn't even let me answer. He just rattles off things we'll do (more like he'll do)... teach her how to use the frog potty (he'll even help her sit up since she won't know how yet), teach her to talk, teach her to pedal a tricycle, feed her, hold her, read her books....
Needless to say, he's ready.
Ms. Courtney (one of Jaxon's teachers) sent me a picture of Jaxon playing at school.
Oh yeah... He's ready!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We FINALLY know who this sweet baby will be...


We love it and it is rolling off the tongue quite nicely. Even Jaxon is calling her Baby Reese.
It's funny because we first thought of Rees for a boy, but after a week or so I vetoed it. Then when we asked Jax what he wanted to name his baby sister, he said Reese. Brian & I both went, "HMMM". We kinda like it. The more we mulled it over, the more we liked it.
We knew we wanted Isabel as the middle name since my grandmother and mom both have Isabel as their middle name and the Belle in my name comes from Isabel. But, Reese Isabel just didn't roll off the tongue. Then Ami came to the rescue! "How about Reese Isabella?" She says to me as I stroll Target. "HMMMM. I like it. A lot!"
So there you have it... the story behind Reese Isabella, our precious new baby girl.

BTW, Reese already has quite the wardrobe! Thanks to my mom and our good friend Evelia!
I'll leave you with belly pictures from the last 2 weeks

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gone Fishin'

s on baby brain). So, Friday afternoon, Brian headed out to Wal-Mart to get so
me fishing gear. You know, a fishing license, pole, bait, etc. Who knew you needed a license to fish?
I certainly did not.
So, Friday evening, Brian presented Jaxon with his very
own Spider Man fishing pole. We weren't going fishing until Sunday, but Daddy thought it'd be a good idea to practice casting and reeling. It's a good idea outside, but not so much inside. Just sayin'.

And what's the best way to practice casting? Well, pantless of course!

Sunday morning we packed the car and headed up to Rose Canyon in Mt. Lemmon. Can I just say, it was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL drive! The hundreds of Saguaro cactuses, the city below, the blue sky with puffy white clouds. Beautiful. And as you go further up on the mountain, those cactuses turn to pine trees and the temperature steadily drops. Oh yeah. A cool 75 degrees at the top. Almost wished I had a light sweater :)

Ready to fish!

Showing Jaxon how to bait his hook (is that the correct term?) Notice the green tackle box? That was Brian's dad's. I find it so touching that he took it with him.
Checking out the bait
Does he not look like a professional?

Makes my heart happy

While the boys fished... Mama relaxed

Getting a closer look at the fish

About an hour into our fishing adventure, Jaxon announced he had to poop. What's a dad to do? He takes his son up a "cliff" to poop privately.

Oh this face...
To end our trip... A FAMILY PICTURE!!! How rare these are :)
This was actually a wonderful little "getaway". Brian & I were absolutely, 100% relaxed. Jaxon behaved like an angel and everything went smoothly. The only glitch? No fish. As we headed down the mountain Jaxon says, "Rosa's Canyon is no good becaaaaaause it had no fish." Today he told my brother, "I went fishin' but the fish were too shy and we didn't catch any."

(I got a new MacBook and things are a bit different on a Mac. For some reason they font is blue and the first few lines are underlined. No idea why. One day I will figure out this Mac business)

Stay tuned... We are THIS close to being ready to announce our baby girl's name!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Saturday

Today started off like every other Saturday.... Jaxon wakes up, we watch cartoons and snuggle in bed and have a nice breakfast of waffles and sausage. Love Saturdays.

Today I got an unexpected laugh and smile courtesy of Jaxon.

I'm in the kitchen cleaning up after breakfast. Brian, Jaxon & Lucy head to the backyard. Brian to check on our new firepit. Jaxon to ride his tricycle on the patio and Lucy just because she loves Brian more.

One minute I look up and see Jaxon FULLY CLOTHED riding his tricycle. Literally, the next minute I look up and see Jaxon COMPLETELY NAKED running through the sprinklers.

His squeals and laughter were priceless. Made me smile. Made my day. All I could think of was how cute it's going to be when there is a little girl trying to keep up with her big brother.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A GIRL for the Pearsons!

Yup Mother's intuition was right, again. And the majority of the votes! We will be having a girl! I am so excited! I actually shed a tear or two when the ultrasound tech told us. Brian thought of all the money that would leave our bank account for clothes, shoes, manicures, pedicures, proms, wedding...
She was an absolute spit fire during the ultrasound. Must have been the marshmallows and Snickers I had before the appointment (thank you Dr. Bunch). She was moving so much! The tech was having a hard time looking at her heart. Each time she would try to get a measurement Baby Girl would twist, flip or move out of the way.

This ultrasound was so much better than Jaxon's. We could see her eyes, her mouth, her perfect little feet and toes. We saw her trying to suck her thumb, but hitting her nose instead. So adorable. I could have watched her all day.

Trying to suck her thumb, but missing.

Looking straight at us.

We did have to wait until the VERY end of the appoitment (oh and 45 minutes in the waiting room) to find out she was a she, but oh it was worth it.
I did ask the tech how sure she was she was a she. She said we could paint the room pink and if the baby turned out to be a boy she would come repaint it for us.

No outside plumbing as the tech put it! (There's a little tiny arrow pointing to her vajayjay)

Baby Girl's very first outfit.

We were so excited, and nervous, to tell Jaxon. A few days ago he told me that if the baby was a girl, he would "sit on the couch and cry." Things weren't looking good. He didn't go to the appointment with us because it was during his naptime, so Lola stayed home with him. He was NOT in a good mood when we arrived . He was watching Blue's Clues so I was going to wait to give him the news. Brian, however, couldn't wait. I think he's happy. You be the judge.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stroller Building Saturday Night?

Where did our counter dancing days go?

We used to be fun.

We used to start our Friday, Saturday, sometimes even Wednesday or Thursday nights at 9:00 pm or later.

Now we are all Moms or very soon-to-be Moms. So a big night out really means a night in with BJs takeout and no kids.

And can I tell you? It WAS fun! We laughed, I almost peed my pants a few times.

We searched the Pinteresting website (yeah, still not sure what it is, but I am assured it is fun.) We even put together Mary's stroller and carseat.

All that productiveness and I was still home and in bed before 11:00 pm!

Yeah. We are THAT cool.

Mary (she really ate a lot! :) ), Sarah & Ami

Good Friends

Baby Bumps... BFFs or future husband and wife? We'll know tomorrow!

Non-existent bellys

"Really, this can't be too complicated"

Snap! Clac! Ruido! According to the manual, if we heard these sounds we were successful.

Tomorrow is the BIG ANATOMICAL ULTRASOUND Day (Technical term) In Layman's terms... penis or vajayjay.

Many of you have voted and it is a landslide for a girl! My own personal opinion... Girl.

I had a feeling Jax would be a boy and he is, so I think Mother's intuition may play part. We'll know for sure tomorrow! I can't wait!

Not sure how couples can go the entire pregnancy without knowing. Also not sure how couples can go in for a planned C-section. I'm on pins and needles just for an ultrasound, can't imagine the anticipation of knowing for certain that tomorrow I will have a new baby!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you are well aware that our sweet little long-haired weiner is blind. One day over a year ago, she went blind. Very sad. It's been sort of a benefit because she is no longer obsessed with lights like she used to be. It's not so much a benefit when she STILL does naughty things and gets lost in the house. Or because she has gained so much weight she gets tired walking across the house and just lies down more than half way to her destination.

This was the case the other night. Brian & I were ready to head to bed so we start whistling, calling Lucy and clapping. Standard ways to call the blind mouse. She gets going in the direction of our bedroom.

Then just stops.

And lies down.

Literally, too tired to go on.

Do other dogs do this? Or is it just over-weight, blind dachshunds?

BTW... I think I may be swaying one way to the sex of the new baby! Just FOUR days until we find out! CAN.NOT.WAIT!