Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Easter 2013 in Pictures

Saturday morning before Easter...

Reesey's first egg dyeing experience!

Reese took a T.O. from egg dyeing...

And came back with a bat

I love us!

Jaxon was very methodical about decorating his eggs

Easter Morning.

Reese LOVES granola bars. Every morning she makes a beeline for the pantry and brings us a granola bar. So stinkin' funny!

Jaxon has wanted a Bible for a long time!
Thank goodness the Easter Bunny was listening

We have read the Bible each night since Easter.
Mainly we read the same 5 stories about Jesus' crucifixion.

Off to hunt for eggs

Reese was really into it.
It helped the Bunny left eggs exactly where she loves to play
Smart Bunny!

Even Luce got into the action

Jaxon and I went to Mass. He looks so big in these pictures

We met Brian & Reese at Grammy Sue's after mass

First try! Pretty good picture I think. 

This series of pictures is my favorite of all time! 
Jax, "I'll hold Reesey's hand."
Reese is not digging it

She's outta here!
J, "REEEEEESE! Come back!"

Let's try again.
Reese is clearly done

Mama, "Keep smiling Jaxon! She might stop screaming."

Seriously. She's a crack up! Trying to escape ANOTHER picture!

Let's try a sibling picture again. This time Jaxon followed Reese

More interested in Phoebe

Almost perfect!

Success! Well, almost. At least no one is screaming.
Even if they both look like they are plotting revenge on me.

After Grammy Sue's we stopped at my parent's to collect more eggs.

Every good party ends with a topless girl. Wait? What?