Saturday, June 21, 2014

Let Summer Begin!

Summer started in early May in the Pearson house.  Brian heated the pool and we all spent an afternoon swimming.  

Like all proper girls, Reese had to put on a little makeup before heading out. 

With a makeup and goggles in place Reese was ready! 

Jaxon had to try out his new snorkel and mask by jumping in. He quickly learned that a snorkel does not work well underwater. 

Never one to be left behind. Reese had to have her turn jumping in. Yes, she's naked. This is how she prefers to swim. The bathing suit did not last long. "I no want to get it wet." Hmmm. Well, isn't that the point of a bathing suit? But you try to reason with Reese, it is just not possible. 

If jumping in wasn't enough, she had to slide head first into the pool. The girl is fearless!

Happy Summer everyone! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Kindergarten Graduation!

Jaxon finished his first year in elementary school with a bang! 
Hard to believe that my tiny baby is done with kindergarten. 
I am always nervous about kinder graduation, but I was a tad bit more nervous about this graduation. Not only was I teacher, but I was also Mom. My biggest concern was that I would be able to enjoy graduation as a mom instead of as a teacher. 

Thankfully Jaxon's teacher made an adjustment and had Jaxon's class stand next to my class on stage. This allowed me to watch Jaxon as I kept an eye on my class.  I appreciated this more than she knew! 

On our way to our big day!
Such a handsome boy

Before graduation.
Love his red converse!

Everyone arrives to the school quite a bit earlier than kids are supposed to be in the classrooms. This means playing on the risers and running around before show time. 

Playing on the risers before it was time to gather in classrooms.

Filing onto the stage

Me trying to be teacher and mom
I was most nervous about Reese actually. I knew that she would not want to sit with Brian and my mom the entire time. I had visions of doing my speech with her on my hip trying to take the microphone away from me.
I was not too far off. She wanted NOTHING to do with Brian. All she wanted was to get on stage to sing with Bubba.

Jaxon wasn't exactly THE MOST animated performer.

I really wasn't surprised when I saw Jaxon acting like he was 'too cool for school'. He is always so concerned about what people think of him that he isn't able to let loose and have fun like the other kids. Kind of drives me crazy, I'm not going to lie. 
Giving my short & sweet speech.
Trying not to cry.
I did pretty well I think!

She tried to sweet talk Ami into letting her on the stage. 

The Tooty Ta. A Cottonwood Kindergarten tradition!

Jaxon almost ready to receive his 'diploma'

Here he comes! 

Shaking Mrs. Malm's hand. 

Hanging on to Reese while Mrs. Malm passed out her diplomas.

He was so done with pictures! 

Jaxon with his very very best friend, Joshua. Do not call him his BFF! 

Jax with his long time friends, Jake & Hunter

His 'diploma'.
The real one was in his Kindergarten Memory Book

Jaxon & Kaitlyn.

Jaxon & Mrs. Malm

With Chase

And part of the great kinder team!
Maggie, me, Chris, Ami & Jackie.
There were MANY more missing that made this a successful year! 
I am super bummed that I did not get a family picture. Brian left almost immediately after the presentation of the diplomas because Reese was being a pill.  Little did we know that she had an ear infection. Poor thing was miserable and we had no idea until two days later.

So that's it. Jaxon's kindergarten graduation. A day I had been looking forward to and dreading for a long time. He's off to first grade and as ready as he'll ever be!