Thursday, September 26, 2013

Who Doesn't Love Guacamole?

Reese LOVES herself some guacamole! So much so that she eats it by the spoonful!

Reese also LOVES Mama's shoes!

Funny Reesey Stories

Our lives are so much more entertaining with Reesey around. She is quite the spicy little thing! Here are a few funny stories from our fire cracker. Speaking of fire cracker, Ami sent me an email with that very subject line filled with pictures of Reesey from our Labor get together. They will be thrown in her as well.

As you look at these pictures, keep in mind this is a water table.
Not a wading pool.

I was talking to my mom the other day telling her about our experience at Mass this past Sunday. I was mentioning how all of a sudden she began screaming because she decided she wanted to take off her shoes. The minute I said screaming she screamed in real life. "AAAAAAA!" and smiled. My mom, who was on speaker phone says, "She screamed?" Again, "AAAAAA!" and a smile. My mom, "Is that Reese? Is she screaming?" Again, AAAAA!" with a smile. This went on for a good 4 minutes. It was quite hilarious. 

Oh, and notice her necklace and lack of clothes.


Dinner is always an event in our house. Not always a good event either. During dinner Reese stands up on her high chair and chucks her sippy cup across the table onto the floor. Brian reprimands her right away. She sticks her bottom lip out, covers her eyes and pretends to cry. About 3 seconds later she peeks her eyes through her hands to look at Brian. When she sees he's still upset she covers her eyes again. AT this point Jaxon and I are trying not to laugh. So of course, when she peeks again, she starts giggling too. Brian is none to pleased with this. He begins to reprimand her again for the sippy cup, but this time he points at her. She leans over the table takes his finger and bites it!! All the while smiling like an innocent little girl.


Reese loves her pacifier and her lovie (aka as bobo and nunu) She will go to great lengths to have bobo  in her mouth. We try to limit it to bedtime and naptime. I, however, am a sucker for her and will let her have her pacifier, I mean she's so stinkin' cute.  I'm trying to be tougher though. So one day at around naptime she comes out with nunu & bobo. Perfect. Time for nap, she's halfway there. I put her in the crib tell her night night and start to walk away. Meanwhile, she's crying and kicking, clearly not wanting to take a nap. As she's in her crib, reaching for me, I tell her, "You don't have to take a nap, but you have to leave bobo in your crib." She stops crying,  falls into her crib and closes her eyes. I didn't hear a peep from her for 2 hours.


Awhile back I was sitting on the couch with Reese when all of a sudden she bit my leg! I immediately swatted her mouth. You know the whole, if you bite them they will stop biting theory? Don't judge, I just don't want her to be a biter. She, of course, sticks out her bottom lip and the crocodile tears start flowing. After about 2 minutes and no sympathy from me, she stops. She then caresses my leg, gives it a little kiss and CHOMP! bites me again!! Are you kidding me??? Clearly the biting theory holds no water with her.

All I can say is thank God He blessed us with Reese. Our lives are all the better for it. Even if we both have more gray hair and are completely exhausted every night. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Hip hip hooray for 3 day weekends! We had a super, fun and relaxing 3 days. Here's our recap.

Reesey started gymnastics last week! OMG! It is the cutest thing EVER! She loves it. I still need to get her a leotard, then it'll really be the cutest thing ever! 

waiting to crawl through the tunnel

On the balance beam.
She is really good!

Watching the big girls practicing vault

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Hanging on the bar.
She's a pro at touching her toes to the bar.

Ready to jump off the big tall mat

Ready to touch toes to bar
I have so much fun with her. I'm not really sure who gets more of a workout, her or me though. I think gymnastics is something she is going to excel at. I see many hours at the gym in my future. Although, I'm hoping she'll get into ballet. 

Saturday evening we had some friends over for a cook out. This is the only picture I took. Reese being Ami's swimsuit model. More like topless model. This picture was taken after she climbed off of the water table. 

Reese is a girl of many talents, gymnast, model & chef!
She loves to help me while I cook. Her favorite spot is right there on the counter. 

Sunday also meant a playdate at school. It's great that the kids are now old enough to be 'independent' at school. Jaxon loves going to school with the triplets on weekends. They literally run all over the school and have 'adventures'. On this particular day our school date started with a creepy crawly at our door. 
A giant tomato worm (at least that's what I'm told it was) was hanging out between our doors. 

This one should still be left at home though.
She looks innocent here, but that purple bug head didn't
last long on the wall. :( 

Monday was busy. We headed to the park for a bit. Which the weather was perfect for! I cool 90*! But it was cloudy, so really it was like 70* :) 

Yeah. Let's talk about this. Jaxon's new thing is to wear a gold 'church' necklace. Sigh. One of his friends at school has one and he had been bugging me for DAYS for one. I made the mistake of telling him to ask Lola if she had one (my brother & I wore it when we were kids)
Of course Lola found it! So now he's the proud wearer of a cross. Aye aye aye. 

They crack me up!
This was unplanned.
They are alike after all!
Jax is into finding bugs these days. On this day he found a tiny lizard. It was quite cute actually. 

After the park we visited Grammy Sue. She and Jax built a 5 foot puzzle together. 

It was a nice weekend and I am very much looking forward to our Fall break in 2 1/2 weeks!