Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jaxon Says...

If you watched the 2 videos I posted of Jaxon yesterday, you have an idea of what a character he is. He says the craziest things every day. Here are a few heard around our house this week...
Jax & I were driving the other day and it started raining.

"Mama it raining!"
"Yup it is. Do you know where rain comes from?"

"Ummm. Hmmm. Da rainforest!"

On Monday I had to be at work by 8:00 am and Jaxon was still sleeping at 7:30 so Brian said he would take him the babysitter's house whenever Jax woke up. He woke up aroun 8:30 and Brian went up to get him,


"Nope. It's Daddy."

"Mama making breakfast for her boys?"

Where else would I be??

Of course he sleeps in on the day I have to work early, but on a day off he's awake at 6:00 am! I was a little cranky when he started calling for me before the sun was up so I stormed into his room and told him I was grumpy because he woke me up too early.

As I'm changing his diaper he says, "I saw-wee Mama. You my favorite boy?

"Who's a favorite boy?"

"You! You favorite gurl!"
"I'm your favorite girl?"
"Yeah! I you favorite boy."
Well, not at 6 in the morning you're not!"

(I said that with a smile, 'cause how could you not smile at him?)

I was reading the lastest Us Weekly with the Kardashian sisters on the cover and Jaxon points to Khloe and says,
"Eww?" I point to Kim Kardashian "Is she pretty?
Considers it for a second, "Yesh!"

I point to Kourtney, "Is she pretty?"

He takes another look, "Yeah."

I point to Jennifer Aniston. "Is she pretty?"

No hesitation, "YEAH!"

Back to Khloe. "Is she pretty?"

"No! She's EWWW! She not pwetty."

This is my personal favorite...

I was brushing my teeth while Brian was still "sleeping" and Jaxon was in bed with him watching cartoons.
"I need a beer."
"It's too early for a beer, Bud."

I told you he was a character!

Future Muralist Maybe?

This morning as I was getting ready for Gymboree, Jaxon was awfully quiet. I went searching for him thinking he may have gone downstairs for a certain toy. I looked in his room, nope not there. I look over the railing to peek downstairs, not there either. As I am stepping onto the first step I hear him talking to himself behind me. He's inside his bathtub. Doing this...

I should have been upset, but really couldn't because we color in with bathtub crayons during bathtime. He was in the bathtub so who was I to interrupt him? I, being selfish and wanting a few extra minutes of peace and quiet to put my face on, left him in there.

Oh, I should have known better. About 5-10 minutes later he comes running into my bathroom, beaming. He was so flippin' happy when he said (more like yelled), "Mama! I color your potty! I color my potty tooooo." Uh oh!

He didn't stop with the potties either....

Again, I probably should have been upset and put him in time out, but there have never been any rules set about coloring on the walls. I mean he is allowed to color on the tub walls (and the sidewalks), so why not the bathroom walls? I did decide this was the appropriate time to tell him the walls are not a place to color. Since we were on our way to Gymboree I closed the bathroom door and decided to deal with this later and hoped Brian wouldn't come home and decide to use this bathroom. For some reason he wouldn't think it was as innocent as I did. Well, when we are both ready to head out the door, I notice Jax found time to go downstairs and color on Brian's office door and the door leading to the garage. Uh oh. I gave Jax a firm talking to and wiped the doors clean before Daddy got home, no need for him to see this!

After Gymboree, I hid the bathtub crayons.

Brian did come home as I was scrubbing the bathroom and he says, "WHOA! What happened here? It looks like East L.A.!"

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jaxon Sings & Reads

Tonight I was able to capture Jaxon singing in the bathtub! He started with Twinkle Twinkle and then moved on to a few other songs. It is super cute!!

He also read Goodnight Gorilla to me before bed. It makes my heart so happy to hear him read this story. If you're wondering why he calls the Zookeeper's wife "Yoya" it's because when my dad read it him MONTHS ago he told Jax that the lady was Lola. So it has stuck.

The video is a bit long, but bear with it because the end is priceless! I have no earthly idea where what he said came from, but it was all I could do not to laugh.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Sweet Boy

I have to share.....

The other day I was making dinner and Jaxon was in the living playing with his animals & farm, when out of nowhere he walks towards me, hugs my legs and says, "Mama, you're pwetty."

The boy just melts my heart and makes me love him more than I thought possible!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

We ♥ San Diego! Last Day!

Our last full day took us to San Diego Zoo until noon and to the beach after nap time. As we were planning our vacation, Brian & I asked our friends about the places we were going and if they had any suggestions. Well, NOBODY was a big fan of the zoo. They all said it was too big, too much walking, you didn't see any animals, blah blah blah. We were hesitant to go, but I made the executive decision that we would go and have fun. I was determined to be there right at 9:00 am, when they opened, and the FIRST thing we would do was the bus tour. Can I tell you how proud I am of us? We got there at 8:45 am! We are NEVER early for ANYTHING! It helped that it was so close to our hotel. Anyway, we beelined it to the bus tour as soon as they let us in and were were on the first tour out. This was fantastic because almost all of the animals were out and active. I just wish they would have stopped a little longer at each exhibit, but we still got to see everything. We had also decided that the pandas, koalas and reptiles (Brian's choice) were a MUST see. There aren't any pandas or koalas at the ABQ zoo so we figured it was important for Jaxon to see them. We stuck to our plan... went on the tour, saw our must-sees (and some other key animals along the way) and left by noon. Good thing too, because Jaxon was out by the time we left the parking lot.

Brian took a crap-load of pictures of the animals, which I never understood why we always take pictures of the animals, because I really don't print those pictures. I mean do people print them and put them in their photo albums? Anyway, since we have so many animal pictures, I think I may make an animal picture book for Jax. I think he would love it. I won't post all of those pictures here however, I mean you all have seen giraffes before right?
This is how Jaxon preferred to spend the bus tour... hanging out of the bus! He's going to give his mother a heart attack one of these days!Have you noticed that Jaxon only smiles when he's having his picture taken with his Daddy? Makes me mad! Brian says it's because I'm the one taking the picture and he's happier looking at me than him. Whatever! Ok, so I lied. I will post a few animal pictures!LOVE this picture of Jaxon! It makes me laugh. I think he had just hit his head on the glass trying to get a better look at the apes!

Notice the hippos face right next to Jaxon's? We've never seen a hippo so close. I was excited! Jaxon was a bit scared I think.

"Wake up hippo! Open eyes!"

How cute is that panda?

According to Jaxon this was "Mama toe-awa, Daddy toe-awa, & Baby toe-awa"

See what I mean about taking pictures with me? He doesn't even want to stand still!That afternoon at the beach a bunch of jelly fish apparently made their way onto the beach. Thankfully Jaxon was happier playing in the sand on this trip.

We would make dinosaurs... ..and he would destroy them and say, "Again! Make 'nother brontosaurus!" "I swide down Daddy"
We collected seashells...

and Jaxon tried to eat them... Why not?

Family picture #7(?) on the beach and my hair is messed up! Guess that one won't be our Christmas card!
These are my favorite pictures of the 300+ that I took! Seeing Brian & Jaxon on the beach together just filled my heart with so much love and put the biggest smile on my face. Those 2 are definitely best friends.

Another goal we had for this vacation was to get good Mexican food. Sorry to all of my New Mexican friends, but the Mexican food in NM is just NOT the same as what we are used to in Tucson and therefore, not as tasty (to us). We went to Casa Guadalajara. Brian and I have been there a few times before and we really like it. Of course, the first thing we order are margaritas! Well, who do you think wanted some of this tasty goodness? Brian ended up ordering a Virgin Maragarita for him and he drank the entire thing!
"Mmm. Dis good. Mama dis dwink good. Mmm"

My twin boys... this was not planned! How cute are they together??

That concludes the We San Diego series! Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.