Thursday, February 5, 2009

Teeth are a'comin!

Jaxon's bottom two teeth are almost here! They are hard to see because he doesn't let us look at them. He will stick out his tongue or bite our finger when we try to sneak a peek. He of course will let us feel them and sure enough, it is pretty bumpy and rigid! So exciting. They must be driving him crazy because he just chews and chews on everything! Here he is chewing a carrot. My favorite is Lucy begging him to drop it (for those of you who don't know, Lucy's favorite treats are baby carrots).
What's up doc?
Uhh, I don't think I am giving this to you, Lucy.
What do you think mom? Should I give it to her?

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Nicole said...

I'm glad they aren't so bad! Delaney's weren't bad until the top ones, but I think her molars are about in! Now you can brush his teeth! He will love it!