Monday, February 23, 2009

Jam Packed Weekend

The Pearsons had a fun-filled weekend this weekend! The weather in Albuquerque was phenomenal; sunny, warm and no wind. Perfect! We decided to take advantage and get some fresh air. On Saturday we went to the golf course with Brian just to hit balls and on Sunday we spent the afternoon at the zoo. It was a very nice way to spend the weekend.

Jaxon is on the Move!
Last Sunday Jaxon started "crawling". He hasn't quite got the hang of going forward so he goes backwards! Whatever. Brian and I are just happy that he is moving, although it now means that we actually have to baby proof the house.

Putting with Dad
Whenever the weather is nice Brian wants to go hit balls up at the Country Club. Saturday he really wanted to take Jaxon with him (he really wants Jax to like golf!) I dressed Jaxon in appropriate golf course attire, khakis and all and to the golf course we went.
Jax and I sat on the grass while Brian hit balls. Jax loved sitting on the grass, well, I should say he loved eating the grass! A little grass never hurt anyone right? We also took a ride in a golf cart. Jaxon had so much fun riding along. He was laughing and giggling it was really cute. All Brian would say was, "I really hope that Jaxon enjoys golf. He doesn't have to be serious like I was, but as long as he'll go out with me on the weekends I will be happy." Awww!
Yeah Daddy! Good form.

Brian let Jaxon "drive" the cart. I don't even get to drive the cart!

Daddy and his little golf buddy
Animal Watching or People Watching

Sunday was zoo day. Albuquerque has a really nice zoo, WAY better than the zoo in Tucson. At each exhibit we would take Jaxon out of his stroller so that he could see the animals. He was not very impressed by the rhinos, apes, hippos, zebras or elephants. He was more interested in the people. All he would do was people watch. Now granted, ABQ has some very interesting people so I can't say that I blame him, but still. He was intrigued by the giraffes and porcupines. He could not take his eyes off of the giraffe. One was walking around and he just followed her with his eyes wherever she went. He does have a little toy giraffe so I wonder if that was why he was in awe.

Watching the giraffes

"OOO look at those people!"

"There are polar bears behind me? Whatever! Look at what she's wearing!

The 3 of us had a nice time and is was great to get some fresh air and not freeze to death! And for the first time I did not go to Target or spend any money on the weekend! This is a milestone in itself! I imagine we will be spending a lot more time outside if Brian has anything to say about it.


Jen said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend and the pics are too cute! Are you coming down for rodeo weekend or are you having company? Talk to you soon!

Fisher Family said...

Love the golf pictures. You will have to frame some of those. I can not believe he is already on the move. You will have your hands full for sure now!!!! oxox