Sunday, May 27, 2012


Today was a BIG day for the Pearson Girls! It was a rite of passage kinda day... Reese got her ears pierced!

Brian woke up today and said he wanted a boy's day with Jaxon so they went off to the golf store and to the driving range. Sooo... that left me & Reesey alone. What to do? I called my mom and invited her to come with me to pierce Reese's ears. 

First a little lunch in the food court

Happy... for now

The tools

Getting ready
Why is Mama holding me down?? Poor sweet girl! 

Not so happy

But look how pretty I look! 

She looks so adorable with her ears pierced. She is complete now! 

On a seperate cuteness note...

I bought her some pink bedazzled sunglasses! 
She loves them! She leaves them on no problem. Her nose is so little though that the glasses slip off. 
Jaxon says she looks like a 'movie star." How he made that correlation is beyond me! I said she looked like a diva.

I mean really? Does having a girl get any better?!?
My main goal for the summer is to organize Reese's baby clothes. My friend Mary has been loaning Reese clothes in neat little tubs. Now I need to put those clothes in the tubs. Reese has been growing so fast I have had a hard time keeping up! I now have to sort through 0-3 month, 3 month and 3-6 month clothes. She is now mainly in 3-6 month clothes and some 6 months! 

Anywho, I have been setting aside some things I want to keep. Mainly a few preemie clothes. This is a onesie she wore in the NICU that was a tad big on her...

Can you believe how little she was and how much she's grown! CRAZY!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Last Day

Today was the last day of school. So flippin' excited to not set an alarm, ease into the morning, spend time with the kiddos and have lots of fun outings... A trip to NYC with my mom to see Ricky Martin in Evita is HIGH on the list of things I'm excited about!!! 

It was also Jaxon's last day of his first year of preschool. I love his preschool. I am so happy he is there. Even though his preschool is not structured, Jaxon has learned so much. He's learned beginning sounds, rhyming words, patterns, writing his name... The list is endless. It's amazing how easy it is for little brains to learn. 

He came home today with his journal. A journal he has written in since he started school in July. We read it tonight at dinner and Jaxon was beaming from ear to ear! Me? I was tearing up. My sweet baby boy has a journal, with his drawings and his words. It is priceless. It is great to see our life through his eyes. Oh yes, it is a detailed journal of our life at home. He 'wrote' about when Lucy had an owie on her back, when the firefighters had to come to Lola's house because the smoke detectors kept going off, the rattlesnake we found, his trip to Apple Annie's, meeting his baby sister... I just wanted to burst with pride. He is so smart and his memory is amazing!! 

The cover

Jaxon's first entry. His self portrait on July 27, 2011

One of my favorite entries is about Lucy. "This is Lucy. She has long legs. My dog likes kids My dog comes out. It doesn't hide like Sofie's cate. She has a little boo-boo on her back. My parents fixed it. Maybe it was a spider. I'm allergic to horses. Not dogs."

This is my favorite entry. It is the last one. 

Notice the difference between July and May??
"Tell Me About Mommy."
"I love her. She got me a fish. We go to fairs together. We go to school together. Mommy and I play puppets. Monster puppets. I like when she does yoga. I love her. We play spinning games."

The last day of school
The first day of school

Another great thing about preschool is that their teacher wrote a letter to each of their students. Ms. Karma wrote a 2 page letter to Jaxon.  Here the highlights.

"Dear Jaxon,
From the moment I met you I knew I would adore you. We both share a passion for marine biology and books. Some of my favorite memories from this year have been reading ocean books with you and discussing traits of sharks and whales. You are so super smart that you remember facts about sea creatures and teach me something new every day. You were such a big help on our long-term water wonders project.
This has been a year of huge growth for you, as I watched you become a big brother and a four year old. ".....
"Your memory truly blows my mind. You constantly recount events and facts from months and months ago in vivid detail with specific and exciting descriptions."....
"I will continue to take my cues from you, researching your interests with you to build on and extend your learning, and providing you with hands on experiences to bring your passions alive in a meaningful way."....
My wish for you is that you always have opportunities to explore what ignites your fancy."....

I am looking forward to another great year of preschool. Next year, I will go on his field trips and hang out in his class at least once a month. Ami, Mary & I went in yesterday to read a story to the kids who were coming into kindergarten and it was so fun. It was neat to have Jaxon sitting in front of me, being a student and not my son. He told me later, "Mom, thank you for reading a story to my class. It was nice to have you there." Yup. I need to come in throughout the year next year. It's my goal. 

For now I am looking forward to the next several weeks with these two

And with this one

Not only was today was the last day of school it was also National Wine Day!  I'm tired. I'm going to sit in the hot tub and enjoy a second or third glass of wine! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

6 months

6 months. Reesey is 6 months. Half way to having a toddler. Ugh. Where is the time going? I want to stop time right now. I'm not ready to have a toddler. 

If you would have told me 5 months ago that she would be the happiest, calmest baby I would have called you a liar. I mean the girl NEVER stopped crying and was absolutely miserable. Fast forward to now and she is awesome! She only cries when she is hungry or tired... for the most part.

She is a people person through and through. All you have to do is talk to her and she smiles a huge gummy smile. It will melt your heart instantly.

Weight - 14 lbs. 10oz. (29th percentile)
Length - 26 inches (68th percentile)
Head circumference - 41 1/2 cm (28th percentile)

Sleep - 6:30 pm - 7:00 ish am. Oh yeah! 
She takes about 4 naps a day.

Eat - 8 oz of Nutramagin every 3 hours. AND she started rice cereal last week!

Look at those beautiful eyes!
She is still getting the hang of food. She gags every now and then and isn't quite sure what to do with this thick substance in her mouth, but soon enough she'll be eating off my plate!

And her eyelashes!

Temperment - Happy happy! Girl loves to laugh and smile!

{Insert cute video of Reesey laughing here.} I caught her laughing HYSTERICALLY at Jaxon the other night. It was hilarious. She has never laughed so hard before and will only laugh like that with her brother.

Likes/Dislikes - Putting things in her mouth. Being naked. Bath time. TV. OMG. She loves TV. We do our best to turn her away from it, but she finds a way to twist her little body and neck to find it.

The water was still too chilly for Reesey, so no swimming that day.
But she looked cute for a day of sunbathing by the pool!
Her favorite song right now is "Wonderful World". We are singing it for Kinder graduation and I've been singing it to her when she's upset. It calms her down instantly!
Dislikes:  ???

Clothes size
 -3-6 months and 6 months

Language - She's like her brother and loves to talk. She coos all the time. Super.

Physical - Reese is holding her head! That happened at 5 months. She is a supported sitter. Reese grabs anything that is put in front of her and does her best to get it in her mouth. 
She is trying so hard to roll from back to belly. It won't be long now.

Friday, May 18, 2012

More 4-Year Celebration

Seriously, this was the birthday that never ended! Okay, it only lasted 2 days, but it seemed like 2 weeks!

After the party and our trip to Petco, we went over to  my parents house to open their presents and some of ours. Apparently Brian & I forgot the fish was his present because we bought him a crap load of Playmobile Safari Sets. S-P-O-I-L-E-D Spoiled!

Then it was off to bed for the last time as a 3-year-old, but not before feeding Rocky!

To make his Birthday even more special I decided to fill his room with balloons! When he woke up in the morning he would see a ceiling covered in balloons

Thank you Pinterest!
What Pinterest didn't tell me was that the balloons would lose their helium-ness and float to the floor. Oops. I guess I should have guessed this on my own, but my brain didn't go there. So instead of waking up to a ceiling full of balloons, he woke up to a bed & floor full of balloons! Still super fun & special.

Three loan balloons

We headed off to school with a bag of Otter Pops for his classmates and lots of smiles!

Brian had to head of town that afternoon so he picked Jaxon up from school early and took him to Peter Piper Pizza for lunch and games. I met them there after I dismissed my kinders and we had a very nice hour together.

This game was like the Price is Right wheel. Where ever the wheel stopped you got that many tickets.


So excited for 100 tickets!



Counting the tickets. He ended up with 300! 
After lunch, I took Jaxon over to Grammy Sue's for more presents and fun

Oh, but the celebration isn't over yet! He had a short nap and I made a birthday dinner. We sang happy birthday and enjoyed a chocolate ice cream cake along with chocolate Cars cupcakes from Grammy Sue!

Yay for being four!

I am pretty that's it. We ended the evening with MORE presents and Facetime with Tio Jose. I do believe Jaxon felt very special on his 4th birthday. He kept asking me, "Am I still 4? Will I be 4 outside too?" 

A few days after his birthday he says, "Remember when I was 4 and I had a cake?" Yup, pretty sure I do since it was only 3 days ago! 

Happy birthday, Jaxon! I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did!