Sunday, December 27, 2009

4th Annual Christmas Cookie Craft Disaster War

The girls and I had our 4th annual Christmas Cookie Crafts Disaster War last week. What is that you ask? Well, 4 years ago we had the grand idea of baking Christmas cookies together. Well, I'm not sure what we did wrong, but those cookies were disgusting! That's when we called it the Christmas Cookie Disaster. The following year we made cookies again, but Ami and I got into quite the argument over Peanut Butter cookies. That's when it became the Christmas Cookie War Disaster. The 3rd year we got smart and decided to make crafts and asked Sarah, the baker & non-crafter, to bake the cookies ahead of time. That was the
Christmas Cookie Crafts War Disaster.

To be honest, I don't really remember many crafts being made. We were more concerned with fixing Ami's nursery and where she should put Hunter's crib, in between her brothers, or on her own wall? It was fairly successful last year so we didn't change a thing (except for the crafts). Mary & I each brought a craft from kindergarten to share with the girls. I mean, if it can be done with 20-some-odd kindergartners surely we can handle it right? The main project of the evening was Mary's Rice Snowmen. They are absolutely adorable and totally easy! I will be borrowing this idea next year for my own class.

It seems that each year we add a new word to our traditionso we decided Snowman would be it for this year since that seemed to be a theme. Next year we will bring a different craft and it will have to do with a certain theme. So, if anyone has any easy crafts please let us know!

Waiting for the crafts to commence

Filling a tube sock with rice. Sarah was my trusty partner, made sure I didn't spill and followed Mary's instructions

One more cup of rice to go! Then I can dress my snowman.

Mary gluing on buttons, a scarf, arms, eyes a nose and a hat Ta da! A snowman family

YAY! Sarah made crafts too! And it didn't kill her!

Ethan was the only baby who hung with us the entire night. What a trooper!

Is there more crafting supplies or empty wine glasses?? Success!

Oh, Ami, you were there!


Jaxon Kochvar???

Jaxon has found new parents! Look at this picture, he obviously prefers Brooks & Rebecca to his own parents.
When it's our turn for a family picture this is what we get...
Ah well, it was fun having him around! We know that Jaxon will be in good hands with Brooks & Rebecca :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Who's on the Nice List?

JAXON is!! Santa treated Santa very kindly this year! Some would say he went overboard, others say no way! Before we get to Christmas Morning, let's go back to Christmas Eve.

Unfortunately, the Pearson's did not get together for Christmas this year since Grammie Sue had knee surgery on the 23rd and is still in the hospital. We missed you Grammie Sue!! Instead of the Pearson's we had the Lopez Family! We had a very nice dinner and played several games. We laughed, ate, drank, chatted and had a fabulous time.

My Little Family

Proud Abuelos. Jaxon, Abuelo Jose, Abuelo Antonio, Joaquin

Jaxon & Tio Jose were going for the serious look!

Jaxon waiting for the group picture

This smiles melts my heart!

The Rios Pearson Families. Where did Jaxon's heart breaking smile go?

Anabelle, Jaxon, Paloma & Joaquin. Jaxon was more interested in the tripod than taking a good picture!

Jaxon and Lola

Sweet Little Joaquin

Joaquin & Jaxon opening presents

Our family tradition is to get new pajamas on Christmas Eve. If you remember last year (& the year before that), my mom and I get each other the SAME jammies! Well....

This year was not much different! We didn't get each other the same, but pretty close... red with white snowflakes! Seriously!! What are we going to do!
Don't ask...

For the first time in I-don't-know-how long, my dad was home for Christmas!! Well, I couldn't leave him out of the pajama tradition! Turns out, that my mom bought Joselito the same bottoms I bought Dad! (I didn't get a picture though)


We were all looking forward to this Christmas! A baby's first Christmas is special, but there is something about the 2nd Christmas that is even more so! I guess it's because Jaxon is so expressive now. Brian & I couldn't wait to see how he reacted to each present. We were not disappointed! Santa brought Jax lots and lots of presents (I told you he was on the nice list!). He got a tricycle, a Smart & Bounce Horse, Legos, Little People Airplane, Vtech Helicopter, trucks, books, puzzles, play horses, shirts, a cash register, bath toys.

Headed towards the trike!

SOOOO many presents!

Joselito giving Lucy some Christmas Love

Jaxon is not one to be left out! He was practically sitting on poor Lucy!

"Kish ho se Ya ya" translation, "Kiss the horse Ya Ya!" (Abuelo is now Ya Ya)

I'm so tired. I think I will take a little rest on this unopened present.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Santa Visits!

Christmas time is upon us which means a trip to the mall to see Santa Claus! We went on Sunday and the line was RIDICULOUS!! There were about 100 people in line (ok, that may be an exaggeration, but there were a lot!) We stood in line for 10 minutes and didn't move so we decided we would come back on Tuesday during the day.

We decided to take him to the carousal in the mall. Brian & I knew this would be a hit because Jaxon LOVES LOVES LOVES horses! He gets sooo excited when he sees a horse, whether it's on TV, in a book, or a toy. He points to it and says, "Hause, hause. Naa Naa!" Sometimes he even shakes his arms with excitement. Off to the carousal we went. We were not let down. The moment he saw the horses he went nuts. Brian (the little weasel!) said, "You take him. I'll take pictures as you go around." As we are going around Jaxon is waving and shouting bye to anyone and everyone. Meanwhile, I am getting dizzier and dizzier with each turn of the carousal. When we get off I say to Brian, "I am so dizzy. Who knew a merry-g0-round went to fast and would be so long?" He says to me, "I did. That's why I sent you!" Boy, he's a slick one that Brian Pearson! :) Anywho, Jax had a blast on the merry-g0-round. Then it was time to leave and boy that's when the you-kn0w-what hit the fan! He cried and cried and cried. Poor little guy. He was so sad to leave his "hause".
Before the ride started

Bye bye

I don't want to go!

These were genuine tears he had. So sad!

Later that evening we put up the Christmas tree, or as Jaxon calls it the "wee".

He was quite the helper. He inspected each and every ornament and told us what they were:

Baas: ball ornaments
Bear: bears
Man: snowman
Nanta: Santa
Baby: Picture of Jaxon
Dog: Picture of Lucy
Mama, Mommy: Picture of Brian & me

Helping Daddy take the wee out of the box

Learning how to screw the wee to the stand.

Jaxon putting ornaments on the wee, but he fell off the plastic shoe box he was sitting on!

Jaxon & Daddy

When we woke up on Tuesday morning we discovered that Santa came a few weeks early!! He left Jaxon his very own rocking horse. I guess Santa saw how upset he was when he left the carousal that he thought he would drop off this gift early instead of taking it to Tucson in a few weeks.

Since Santa was so kind to bring the rocking horse early, we only thought it appropriate to thank him in person.

Tuesday morning is a MUCH better time to visit with Santa, there were no lines! Yippee! Now, if only the visit went as well. Jaxon was perfectly fine when I was holding him and we were waiting to see him. He looked at Santa and said, "Hi Nanta!" Super I thought. Jaxon isn't going to be like all the other kids who are scared of Santa. Uh, yeah. WRONG! The moment I sit Jaxon on Santa's lap he started to cry! Oh well. We got a semi-good picture and he got a candy cane from it.

This is the picture we bought

Get me outta here!


Friday, December 4, 2009

Animal Sounds

Lately (ok, for several months now) Jaxon has been learning the names of animals & their sounds. All he does all day is make various animal sounds and whenever he sees an animal he knows he must tell us over and over and over and over and over again what it is! Of course I think it is adorable (all right, to a certain point).
I was able to capture a few of his favorites on video.
Now, when you watch this video you may say to yourself, "Does this child ever where clothes?" The answer is not very often! It's not because I am lazy (sometimes I am), but more likely that he doesn't like to wear them. Like most toddlers he prefers to be naked (Gosh, I hope this is true cause I just made that up! I hope Jaxon isn't weird). At this stage, I would rather he go naked than have a battle of wills on my hands. He would win anyway.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Pearson Rios Thanksgiving!

This year Brian & I decided to go to Tucson for Thanksgiving. This is the first time in 3 years that we have gone home for Thanksgiving.

The first year (2006) in New Mexico half of the Pearson's came to us and we hosted Thanksgiving (YES, I cooked EVERYTHING!!)
Yay! My first turkey is done!

Anabelle & Willard (Sue named the turkey)
Marianne, J, & Avery
Brian, Lucy & Anabelle Sue & Lucy

In 2007, Brian & I went to the Dominican Republic for Brooks & Rebecca's wedding which was on Thanksgiving weekend. No cooking that year!

Thanksgiving Day! Not a bad way to spend it.
Can you see a tiny Jaxon?

Wedding Day!
The beautiful bride Rebecca and Brooks
2008 brought Grammie Sue to Rio Rancho once again and we enjoyed a nice quiet Thanksgiving with the cutest 6 month old baby around!

Mama & her pilgrim
Daddy and his pilgrim Grammie Sue & JaxonTa Da! Willard the 2nd!
Grammie Sue feeding Jaxon mashed potatoes. He wasn't a fan that year, but this year he ate a feast!

That brings us to 2009. This was also the first year, in a long time, that my dad did not have to fly on Thanksgiving! So all the Rios' were under one roof. The Pearsons came over to my parent's house to celebrate. It is so nice to be able to have our 2 families together. We all get a long and we have a wonderful time!

Jaxon and Abuelo waiting for food.

Daddy & Jaxon (no pilgrim this year)
Or Mommy & Jaxon... Jax will only call Brian Mommy!

Brian, Jaxon & Uncle Mike

Chloe, Jose & Misty

Uncle Mike, Aunt Kathie, Kory, Kailey & Brandon

Misty & Chloe

Chloe & Jaxon

Grammie Sue & Jaxon

Anabelle, Brian, Jaxon & Sue

Our nephew, Kory

Proud Grandparents

The Pearson and the Rios Families:

Standing: Brian, Anabelle, Misty, Jose, Aunt Kathie, Uncle Mike, Kory, Brandon, Kaylie. sitting: Grammie Sue w/ Chloe, Abuelo w/ Jaxon, Lola

I just want to say that while I am short, I'm not THAT short. I'm barefoot & Misty is wearing heels!

Happy Thanksgiving! We will be together again in a few short weeks of Christmas... we can't wait!

PS... While Brian drives I get snacks, drinks, change the iPod, keep the conversation alive, read magazines or picture books aloud, etc, etc.

This is what I get when it's my turn to drive