Thursday, April 26, 2012

What do You Think?

As soon as a baby is born the comparisons start flying... She has her dad's eyes. She has her mom's nose. She looks exactly like Dad. She looks exactly like Mom. I, myself, have NO IDEA who my kids look like. To me they just look like Reese Isabella & Jaxon Joe (on a complete side note, I love that they are named after people we loved dearly).

From the very beginning, people have said Jaxon & Reese both look exactly like Brian. In the past couple weeks I have heard they are my exact clones. Who's right? You be the judge.

Reesey at 5 months

Mama at approx. 5 months (yes, I know... 2 chins)


Jaxon at 3
Daddy at 3ish (totally guessing here) Seriously, I want to make a poster of this
picture! Brian as too stinkin' adorable! BTW, this is a TOTAL Brian pose!
Mama at 5ish
Ok, how cute was I? :) 

You have all the evidence. Discuss.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thunder & Lightning Over AZ

Last weekend(?) was the air show. I was really excited to take Jaxon since he is really into airplanes thanks to Abu. My mom stayed with Reese so it was a special day for Jaxon... just Mama & Daddy. Let me tell you I forgot how easy 1 kid is! I took a medium sized purse with only my things and that was all! So nice.
 It was a really relaxing, easy-going day. I was a bit nervous because we went to a birthday party before hand and Jax was going sans nap, which is never a good thing. But surprisingly he was in a great mood! Although it was nice only worrying about 1 child, we all desperately missed Reesey. Yes, even Jaxon missed his baby sister. 

So happy to have us all to himself

A day of fun isn't complete without a frozen treat

A Thunderbird!

Jaxon told me, "I'm going to be a Thunderbird pilot, like Abu."

LOVE this face!

It was an absolute beautiful, Arizona day. Perfect!

Waiting for the Thunderbirds

This picture melts my heart.

I am an Air Force brat. I grew up on Air Forces bases listening and watching airplanes everyday of my life. As much as I did not pay attention to when my dad pointed out planes, I absolutely love love love the sound of an airplane flying past! If I had to name one thing that reminds me of my childhood, it would be the sound of airplanes, especially F-16s. It makes my heart happy. 
Because of this, I was excited to share the Thunderbirds with Jaxon. I knew he would love them too. He adores Abu and knows he flew F-16s so he was excited to see them fly. It was really special. 
 I so wish I had a video of Jaxon watching the Thunderbirds. His face was priceless. His excitement was contagious. He was literally jumping with joy!

This is the best I did in capturing his joy.


In awe

The airshow was a hit with the Pearsons. Jaxon cannot stop talking about the Thunderbirds. I think he may have found his career. :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Never Too Late

I know that everyone posted their Easter pictures weeks ago, but well, life is too busy these days to blog as often. I maybe have an hour a day when both kids are napping and that hour is usually taken up by dishes, dinner, picking up or kindergarten work. I could blog at night, but really? I'd rather be sleeping. Sorry. I haven't gotten a good solid 6-7 hours sleep in weeks and this Mama needs her beauty sleep!

Ok. Back to Easter. 

Like all holidays this year it was a last minute thing and very under-the-radar. We dyed eggs Saturday, woke up Sunday to baskets and hidden eggs then headed to Grammy Sue's for Easter Sunday lunch which consisted of pizza & breaded sticks. Next year, I promise I will go all out for all holidays! Yeah right.

Well, maybe Easter wasn't so last minute. We did go the the Egg Hunt in the park the week before Easter.

Lovin' the hat!

Saturday evening egg dyeing...

It cracks me up that they are both leaning.

Reesey could care less about egg dyeing 

Whew! The Easter Bunny came!

Easter Sunday

Antarctic Toys he had been BEGGING me for! I had said no knowing the Easter Bunny would be visiting soon. The first thing he says is, "Mama, you said I couldn't have these toys, but the Easter Bunny brought them to me." Yeah. I look the meanie and Easter Bunny is the hero.

Showing Reesey what the Easter Bunny left her.

I tried to be Martha Stewart and made Rice Crispy nests. Thank you Pinterest! 

Ready to go to Grammy Sue's

Looking for eggs at Grammy Sue's

Aunt Kathie and Reesey

Brian and his brother, Mike

The Pearson boys

Jaxon decided to hide eggs for Kory

He then told Kory where he hid them all

The Easter Bunny also left baskets at Lola's house