Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Fun!

I am beyond proud of Jaxon lately. He has gained a TON of confidence in the water this summer. Every day he begs me to go in the pool. I feel bad because I can't always let him. It is just too hard to take Reesey in the pool. She LOVES  LOVES LOVES it! And I, not so much. I love to sit by the pool, maybe stick my feet in, but to be IN the pool? No thank you. And well, with Reese around you can't really be OUT of the pool. So we only go in if Reese is sleeping or if Brian is home.

Ok. Back to confidence. Last week Jaxon went down the slide into the pool. This week, he has mastered jumping into the pool. Brian suggested he then try jumping in from the hot tub, a little higher. Jax balked! No way! It's too high and scary. A bit later, Brian went inside. A little bit after that Jaxon jumps from the hot tub!

My favorite part is as he's 'swimming' to the edge he mumbles, "this is fun" Love.

We have enjoyed some moments in our backyard. 

The lesson didn't last long. 

We've also enjoyed some inside time

Lola pushing them around in the hamper.
Jaxon has been exhibiting some jealously lately so I took him on a Mom & Jaxon date. We headed to Color Me Mine. Don't get me wrong, he has spent every waking hour with me and talking my ear off, but I guess that hasn't been enough. We had a really good time! He is such a sweet boy and was so excited to do something special. 
One of his friends from preschool, and a soon-to-be-kindergartner of mine was also painting and Jaxon invited her to sit with us. So cute. 

Abu brought over a table and chairs for the kiddos. It has been a hit! I have a love hate relationship with this table. 

Here. Love. She wants to be just like her brother. 

Her ankles crossed? Love.
Getting along? Love.
Here. Hate. She has to show her difference. And her daringness. 
Yesterday it was sitting on the table, today it was standing. Ugh. 

We visited the library for story time for the first time in Reesey's life. 
She was pretty good. She seemed to enjoy it. They sing and dance between stories and when the music stopped she'd look at me put her hands up and look around as if saying, "What happened to the music?" 

The only time she sat was when Jaxon & I did the craft. She tried to eat the glue. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Photo Dump!

So it's supposed to be a Happies & Crappies post tonight, but I'm too lazy to get up, grab the USB cord & upload my photos. So instead, how about a random photo dump? Yes? Let's go!

Not sure if I even posted Jaxon's 5th birthday pictures, but it was quite the day. 
A little lunch at Zinburger...

Followed by some birthday shopping at Toys R Us

Then dinner and ice cream cupcakes at home with Lola & Abu

Jaxon also celebrate the end of the tee-ball season with a party at the splash pad & the all-important trophy!

With Coach Rob

OMG. Is there anything cuter than a baby in a bikini? I think not!

We've done some sidewalk chalk paint. Courtesy of my friend Michelle's blog.

It started off nicely. 

Then Reese happened...

Michelle did say it was messy.

I just didn't think I would have a pink smurf!

She's happy as can be! 

No meaningful event here. Just cuteness

Summer means...

early morning water table play

early morning granola bars in bed

rare morning cuddles

wild curls. The wilder the hair, the wilder the attitude. That's a fact.

Jax & I went to my friend Maggie's daughter's dance recital. Jaxon had such a great time! He had fun guessing what type of dance it was, hip hop, ballet, tap, jazz. He was getting pretty good & had good reasons for why he chose a dance style. 

This child may look innocent.

but, don't leave her alone for even a second! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy!

I have one that I'll never forget. Jaxon lost his first tooth last month! I was not expecting a visit from the Tooth Fairy so early on, but alas she made her first visit May 21st. 

Jaxon's tooth had been wiggly since April. The week prior to May 20, he was working it back and forth, back and forth. I had to check it every few hours to see if it was ready. Even Ms. Courtney had to check! 

So when he woke up on this eventful morning I had to check. It practically fell out when I barely touched it. Boy was it ready! So at 5:45am his tiny tooth came out. I tried to pull it out, but it wasn't moving toward me. So I told him he'd have to do it and without hesitation, he moved it with his tongue and spit it out into my hand. 

No blood, no tears. Easy breezy. Thank goodness, because I was NOT looking forward to this. Teeth are the only thing I am squirmy about. 

I wish I could have video taped the entire thing. His face was absolutely priceless once it came out. Of course Brian was gone, but Jaxon immediately asked if we could FaceTime him. Which we did. And he didn't answer. :( Then he asked if we could FaceTime Lola. She was in Spain so the time difference actually worked in our favor. She didn't answer either. :( Then he asked to FaceTime Ms. Courtney, but I thought she would be driving to school so I said no. :( Pretty anti-climatic for the little guy. 

Happy happy boy!

Showing off his tooth.

Teeny Tiny Tooth

Later that evening we finally caught up with Brian.

On the way to school Jaxon expressed concern about leaving his tooth under his pillow. "What if the tooth falls on the floor while I sleep? What if I squish the tooth? What if the tooth fairy can't lift my pillow? What if I'm on the pillow?" All very valid concerns I felt. So Reesey and I hit Hobby Lobby after school in search for something to keep his tooth safe. 
I came up with the Tooth Fairy Jar. I made sure to make one for Reese too. Look at me being prepared! 

Tooth Fairy Jar

Ready for the Tooth Fairy to come
Wednesday morning rolled around and oh my did he melt my heart! 
He came running into my bathroom at 5:30 am bursting with excitement! 
The Tooth Fairy Visited!!! 

She left him a glittery $2 bill, a special note, a picture of herself with Jaxon as he slept and LOTS of fairy dust.... everywhere!!! 

Can you find her?
Here's a link to a video of him showing me what he found the Tooth Fairy left. 

With his Tooth Fairy Treasures
The Tooth Fairy is officially my favorite 'holiday'. It was sooo much fun!