Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Pickin' Take 2!

On Monday, Jaxon & I went on a field trip with his Gymboree class. And by field trip I mean I drove an hour away by myself with a chatty kid to meet people from Gymboree and not even have a chance to hang out with them because all of the toddlers had their own agenda that did not involve other kids! Nonetheless, it was fun. Well, fun is a relative term really. It was so FREAKIN' WINDY!! 50 MPH winds, no joke. So it was pretty miserable, but other than dirt in every part of your body, it was delightful!
We went to McCall's Pumpkin Patch in Moriarty, NM which is exactly one hour from my driveway. I was unaware of this little tidbit when I signed up to go. So imagine my surprise when I am on the freeway (which Ihate) and the last exit in ABQ is 165 and my exit for the pumpkin patch is 196. Yeah, I'm not good at math, but even I knew it was a LOOOONG way

Surprise number 2... It was FREEZING!!! The night before I had asked Brian, "Should Jax where a long sleeve shirt and his thick hoodie?" He replies, "Nah. He'll be hot. A short sleeve shirt and light hoodie will be fine." Yup, if you want something done right, do it yourself and don't trust your husband! Thankfully, I had a little beanie my grandmother had made Jaxon in the car. That kept him warm, he actually didn't complain about being cold. Mother-of-the-Year!

So to follow are about a million and one pictures of our trip.

Waiting for the hay ride.
On the hay ride. SOO excited to be pulled by a tractor!
I think this is the first picture ever that he is looking & smiling at the camera! I will call this a successful trip!
Look at all of the pumpkins!

After he throws the pumpkin down, "Dis one too heavy." "I yike dis one"On the ride back to the farm. I'm loving the Enrique Iglesias look. Yet another petting zoo. Funnily enough, it wasn't the highlight for Jaxon!

Check out those horns!

Admiring the mini horse with his friend Annalyse.

Their displays were great! The petting zoo was set up like a little town. Too cute!
My personal favorite

All of the little house were for the bunnies. Each building was labeled... "Hare Salon", St. Peter's Church. So adorable.This was the highlight of the trip for Jaxon...

The little farmhouse! We spent a good 45 minutes playing in there. Which was fine, because we were protected from the wind.

Making Dinner
He had a blast playing in the farmhouse. He did the dishes, made "papas" (potatoes), set the table, & made coffee for "Rora".
Pointing to the geese across the way.
Don't you just want to eat him up???

"I make coffee for Rora. MMM dis good!"

"I sit at table. I eat pancakes."

I was amazed by Jaxon on this trip. Watching him play pretend in the farmhouse warmed my heart. Seeing how flexible and non-complaining he was with the wind impressed me. We just had a really great time together. I was most impressed when on the drive home Jaxon says with the most enthusiastic, sweet genuine voice, "Danks Mama! Danks for taking me pumpkin patch. I had fun! It fun Mama! Danks so much!" What more could a mother ask for??

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Pickin' with the Pearsons!

Our weekend outing last weekend was Wagner's Farm to pick a pumpkin. I hate to admit this, but it wasn't as fun as I'd hoped. For some reason Jaxon was whiny and it kinda put a damper on things. So anyway, here's our pictures. Of course not one single family picture was even attempted. Oh well. Jax & I are going on a field trip to a different pumpkin patch tomorrow with our Gymboree class. Hopefully he will be in better spirits. Keepin' my fingers crossed!

Looking for the pumpkins growing.First stop... the petting zoo!

Chicken Coop Goats
Mini horses giving scratching each other Donkey.

Love how happy Jaxon is to talk to the donkey!

Is this a llama or an alpaca?

The pumpkin patch! Finally!
Which pumpkin should I pick? A big one? Nah, maybe a medium one? How about a small one? no...

I'm taking a teeny tiny one!
"I no wanna sit on your wap! No take pitcher of me! I walk!"Jumping into the corn box. This was his favorite