Sunday, November 24, 2013


I know I know, people are decorating for Christmas and I'm just posting about Halloween. I thought about skipping it all together and doing a 'current' post, you know like Reesey's 2nd birthday which happened a few days ago, but well, I couldn't. I mean, then things would not be chronological order and that would just bug me.  So let's just go back in time shall we? :)

Halloween was great fun this year! Reese definitely 'got it'. She was ALL over people giving her candy for nothing! She is a Pearson for sure!

First I'd like to say that her costume was homemade by yours truly. It wasn't what I had initially envisioned, but it still turned out super cute if you ask me.

Jax was a ninja. He was loving the sword.

Isn't she the cutest ghost you've ever seen?!?

The kids debuted their costumes at Howl-o-ween at the zoo. We have so much fun. This year we were in and out in 45 minutes. Perfect! We got there just in time, there was hardly any waiting in line. 

Snow White was a former kindergarten student of mine.
She's a Junior in high school.
I'm old. 

This costume cracked me up!! 

We,of course, had to carve our pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. 

She's ready!

She's not so sure about the pumpkin guts

I'm not exactly sure why we always insist on carving pumpkins because the kids want nothing to do with the it. Next year, we are painting them. 

Our finished products

They did enjoy looking at them.

Halloween itself brought the traditional trick-or-treating. 

She loves holding my hand.
And, yes, she is eating a Reese's with the wrapper on

 and that was Halloween. 
Whew. I can breath easy. Posts are still in chronological order. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

October in a Nutshell

How are these months just flying by?? It's crazy! So once again, a month as slipped past me so that means a months worth of iPhone photos!! 

Let's start where we left off. Our flight home from Puerto Rico. When we arrived (very late) to Tucson we had a furry, four-legged visitor waiting for us! Rocco the Rabbit from preschool came to stay with us for a little over a week. Courtney was headed to Hawaii and we volunteered to take on bunny duty. Having Rocco waiting at home for us really made having to come home easier. Jaxon was very sad to leave PR and his great-grandparents & aunt that knowing something special would await him was a nice way to ease the sadness. 
Rocco is a great house guest. We really love having him around. 

Reese especially loved Rocco.
She calls him, "Ta na" Who knows. 
Every morning the first thing Reese would say was, "Ta na!" and she would run to the living room to check on Rocco. It was adorable, although, Brian was feeling a little sad since usually she saves this excitement for him. 

Building for Rocco

Reese is very much a girly girl. She loves all things girl... jewelry, sunglasses, purses, lipgloss, dresses and SHOES! 
She is quite the walker in high heels. She makes me proud. 

These are easily 3 1/2 inch wedges and she has no problem
cruising the house in them!
A little park time was a must. I really wish I took the time to take them to the park more often. They had so much fun. 

October is Brian's birthday month. He and I were able to go on a birthday date to Zinburger.
Delish. I love their watermelon mojito and truffle fries. 

We celebrated at home with a home cooked meal and from scratch giant cookie. Seriously, the easiest thing ever! I think I will always make chocolate cookies this way! 

Jaxon started soccer in October. His first game was rough, but he has improved drastically in the past few weeks! He scores at least one goal each game. 

Reese LOVES to cheer Jaxon on! 

We visited the pumpkin patch. We had so much fun! We timed things perfectly. It was not too crowded and we were able to do everything without much of a wait. 
Reese is finally able to enjoy a lot more so it was fun for all 4 of us.

Air pillow! 

Of course she's happiest with Daddy

The rule of pumpkin picking is you have to be able to carry your own pumpkin. 
Jaxon of course took this seriously and inspected each pumpkin carefully and tested them out. 

Reese did not. She was dead set on taking the biggest one she could find! 

Let's do a quick look back. 

Last year

This year.

I have  a lot more catching up to do... Halloween, Reesey's birthday, random cute pictures, Thanksgiving is coming soon and Christmas will be here before we know it. I'll do it. I promise!