Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Pat on the Back for Me

I just have to share our Valentine's Day gone wrong story. Well, just a little wrong and something I feel that only happens to us.
We got a babysitter for Valentine's Day so that we could go to a movie and have popcorn. I was super excited to have movie popcorn! We went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic (cute movie, but nothing like the book which disappointed me). Afterwards we wanted to grab a quick bite to eat and maybe have a glass of wine. Nothing fancy and we wanted to avoided the major restaurants. We (Brian) decided to go to a local pub and grill here in Rio Rancho, The Fat Squirrel. I had only been there once and the food was so-so, but I was willing to give it another chance.
We walk in and stand in front of the hostess desk. We are standing there for about a minute or so watching the hostesses chat (this should have been a clue). Finally one of them acknowledges us:
Hostess: Looks up
Brian: How long is the wait?
Hostess: 20 minutes but if you want you can sit in the bar area at a high top table. Points towards bar.
Brian: That would be perfect, we'll do that.
We walk towards the bar and a couple gets up to leave. We hover over their table and sit once they have walked away. A waitress comes over and clears the table for us. We both take off our jackets and mention how lucky we were to find a table so quickly.
Another few minutes go by and the hostess comes by.
Hostess: (A little unintelligible) Were you on the list?
Brian: List? What list?
Hostess: Were you on the list to be seated?
Brian: Uh, no. You told us we could sit here.
Hostess: (mumbling) Well, this isn't technically the bar.
Mind you, the bar was 2 feet away from us and we were sitting at a high top table like she told us.
Anabelle: Do you want us to leave?
Hostess: Yeah
Brian: Fine, we'll just go somewhere else. This is ridiculous you tell us to sit here and then you kick us out. Yadda yadda yadda
We leave and find another place.
While sitting at the other restaurant, which there aren't many here in Rio Rancho besides Chili's and I was NOT going there!, I get more and more irritated at this chick. I mean how could she tell us to leave? RUDE!
I tell Brian that after we eat we are going back to the Fat Squirrel and talking to a manager. Now, you all know me and I am not a confrontational person and do not like to make a fuss, but I just could not let this go. Brian is enjoying my ranting and getting a kick out of my sudden courage. He tells me that he will drop me off and be my get-a-way car.
After we eat we drive across the street and I, very confidently, walk into the restaurant and ask for a manager. The manager comes out and I very calmly tell my story. She apologizes and hopes that we will return. I tell her that's doubtful, but I appreciate her apology.
That's it. End of story. I feel pretty proud of myself. I know that nothing is going to come out of it, but I felt better I did something instead of just complaining.
Now I feel better I shared my story with all of you.
Soo... if you are ever in Rio Rancho, drive right past THE FAT SQUIRREL!

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Aurora said...

Way to go Anabelle, I'm proud of you!!