Monday, February 16, 2009

Carseat Graduation Day

Jaxon has graduated to a big boy car seat!! This is exciting and very sad at the same time. My teeny baby is growing up :( . We found out about this big step last week when he had his 9 month well baby check up. Which by the way went well. He weighs 19.4 lbs ( I was sure he was in the 20's) which puts him in the 35th percentile and is 29 1/2 inches tall (90th percentile) thank goodness he has the Pearson height genes! As we are walking into the office the head nurse looks at me then at Jax then back at me and says, "Is this Jaxon? What happened to the preemie who barely weighed 5 lbs?"

Back to the car seat. Dr. Good told me he is too big for the infant seat and needed an upgrade. Much to my dismay though, we had to buy TWO seats. Who knew that the big boy seat didn't transfer like the little boy seat? I certainly didn't!

Anyway so off to Babies 'r Us we went, a 45 minute drive I might add. Guess what just happened to find its way into my purse, my camera! So I am the new mom taking pictures of her baby trying out car seats. I was a teeny bit embarrassed, well not really. We ended up buying both of these. One for my car and one for Brian's. The best part of it all was that the cashier gave us a twin discount! She asked Brian if we had twins. He says no. She says, "Are you sure? You get a 10% discount." Brian says, "Oh yeah we do have twins!" So here's my thought, which twin gets the less expensive car seat?

Testing carseats at Babies 'r Us.
Notice his shoes again. That Abuela of his...

Helping Daddy figure out how to install the carseat.

Enjoying his last moments in the baby seat while we install the big boy seat.

Checking out his new seat.

"I'm ready to go? Where to first?"

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Adam and Samantha said...

Don't feel bad, we bought two bases for the infant car seat and then two other car seats so we don't every have to take them out! I know we're lazy, but we don't care!