Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jaxon Waves!

Jaxon may not be crawling, but he is waving! Yipee! I took him to school with me on Wednesday, I was not teaching I went to plan for next week. Anyway, he is sitting on the floor and my aide walks in and says, "Hi Jaxon." He looks up at her and waves! He had never done that and she didn't even prompt him! Then he just waved at everyone who walked in to say hello. The cutest thing is that he waves to himself. I think he his amazed with what his little hand can do and not even he wants to miss it.

The next day, I told Ami that Jax started waving and how cute it was. So she says, "You have to blog about it and I expect to see a video." Ok, no problem. He is waving all the time this shouldn't be too hard. HA!! The moment the camera turns on he forgets how to wave! I have been trying since Friday and nada! Here is his small attempt to make his mother happy, and have her stop taping every second of his day!

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