Friday, February 26, 2010

A Boy & His Dog

Jaxon and Lucy absolutely love each other! They are definitely best friends. One of the first things Jaxon says in the morning is "Ucy!" and is extremely excited to see her jumping up on his crib. When we are pulling onto our street he starts yelling, "Ucy! Ome!" (Lucy! Home!) He looks forward to feeding her dinner and giving her treats through out the day. Lucy has loved Jaxon since day one.
I couldn't resist posting this. It is such a sweet picture for their first meeting.
She is never too far from him and if he so much as wimpers she is right there to make sure he is okay. These days she's next to him because he always has food!
It simply warms my heart to see them playing.
Here are a few pictures from last Saturday morning.

Yes, Jaxon is wearing Christmas jammies in February! Please don't judge.

Puppy Kisses

Oh, so tired!

Playing tug of war

After playing tug of war, Jaxon got Lucy's leash from the closet and Brian hooked Lucy up and told Jax to go for a walk.

I love Lucy's face! Jaxon was walking backwards keeping a close eye on Lucy.

Jax bumping into his tricycle. Walking backwards is not a good idea when there are obstacles in your way!

He was set to down the street!

Waiting for Daddy to get jackets so they can walk down the street. Yup, we let Jax out of the house in Christmas jammies in February! I am that mom!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Or is pream as Jaxon calls it.

Ok, let's start at the beginning. Brian has been feeding Jaxon ice cream since he was 3 months old, against my wishes. I am not exaggerating. Whenever we would go to the mall, Brian would stop at Dairy Queen, buy an ice cream cone, sit on a bench with baby Jaxon and I would enjoy some peace & quiet while shopping. Well, as I shopped, Brian shared his ice cream with a teeny tiny Jaxon. Of course he LOVED it! This is now a tradition in our little family.
Another tradition is eating lunch at Jason's Deli several times a month. Yes, I said SEVERAL! Believe me, I protest, but always lose and this is why... "It's cheap." "I love their soup." "I'm not THAT hungry, so want something light." "They have free, all-you-can-eat ice cream!" (Brian pleading his case). So, as with the Dairy Queen tradition, Brian shares his ice cream with Jaxon. Today went a little differently...
When it was FINALLY time for dessert, Brian declared, "I'm going to get my own cone & a cup for Bubba." No problem. Brian came back gave Jaxon his cup and Jaxon enthusiastically (notice he is enthusiastic about almost everything.) yells, "IS PREAM!" and claps! This is the first time Jax has actually said ice cream and it cracked me up that he calls it "is pream".
Now it's my turn to get my "is pream." I come back with my cone and am about to take my first bite when I feel a little grubby hand tug on my cone! Jaxon stole my cream away from me and wouldn't give it back! Never mind he had his own cup in front of him. I was not about to have a battle of wills in Jason's Deli so I just went and got myself another cone.
Jaxon was as pleased as punch with himself when I got back. He kept telling me, "Mama, is pream. Is pream. YEAH!" Oh, the happiness. And the MESS! He had is pream everywhere! Thank goodness for wipes! We went through about 3 of them by the time he finished. I should have waited, but he had is pream dripping down his chest. Poor guy though, didn't realize that is pream gives you brain freezes and quite a few times he's put the cone down, start crying and hold his head! It was hilarious! That didn't detour him though. He ate the ENTIRE cone! We couldn't believe it. He was soooo happy!
MMM. Is pream.

Notice the white stuff dripping down his shirt.

Friday, February 19, 2010

If You're HAPPY and You Know It

I was doing my daily blog hopping the other day, went to my friend Jaymee's blog (Catching up with the Fisher's) and found out she gave me an award! WOW! I am super excited!

So here are the rules with this award:

- Copy the image and display it on your blog.

- List 10 things that make you happy.

- Try to do at least one of them today.

- Pass on the award to 10 bloggers who brighten your day.

Here's my list:

1- Listening to Jaxon talk to himself in his crib, while playing, sitting in his carseat, sitting in his highchair, everywhere!
2- Clean sheets
3- Holding hands with Brian
4- Going to the grocery store & Target by MYSELF!
5- A tall, no water, non-fat Chai from Starbucks
6- Wine Time
7- Seeing Jaxon's face light up when he sees me after I've been at work all day.
8- Manicures & pedicures
9- Going to the movies with Brian
10- Lazy days with my 2 favorite boys

The 10 Blogs that brighten my day!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Done with Tucson!

Jaxon is forever naming people he knows and wondering where they are.
"Oya. Are you?" - Lola, where are you?
"Abu. Are you?"
"Gramma. Are you?"
"EE Bee. Are you?" - Phoebe, Gramma dog.
"Izzie. Are you?" - My mom's dog.
"Ami. Are you?"
"Babies. Are you?"
"Daddy. Are you?"

My answer to all of these questions is:
"Lola's in Tucson."
"Abuelo is in Tucson with Lola."
"Gramma's in Tucson."
"Phoebe is in Tucson with Gramma."
"Izzie is in Tucson with Abuelo & Lola."
"Ami is in Tucson."
"The babies are in Tucson too."
"Daddy's at work."
(He probably wonders I never go anywhere. I've wondered the same thing, little boy!)

Then Jaxon will repeat whoever he's asked about and say, "Oya? On?" which means "Lola? in Tucson?" "Yes, Lola's in Tucson."

This weekend, Brian went to visit his mom, who is still recovering from her 2nd knee surgery in a month. I chose to stay home since Jaxon has had a pretty nasty cough and runny nose. I would have liked to go to get some sunshine and warm weather, but the good mom came out in me!

Anywho, all weekend Jaxon kept looking for Daddy. I would say, "Daddy's bye bye. Daddy's at work." One time I made the mistake of telling him the truth.
"Daddy. Are you?"

"Daddy's in Tucson."

"NO NO Daddy. No On!" - No no Daddy. Not in Tucson!

I think he was afraid Daddy had left us for this wonderful land of Tucson he keeps hearing so much about.

Poor little guy. He was quite upset.

I think from now on I shall tell untruths to my son to protect him. Where should people be? The mall, Target, school?

"No no Daddy!"

He's actually saying, "Ucy! Oove! Oove Ucy!" - Lucy! Move! Move Lucy!

And yes, we get that finger wagging A LOT!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

He Loves Me! (finally)

I love how Jaxon is now at the age that we can have "conversations". It is so fun (sometimes not) to hear his opinion, understand what he wants & have him answer questions. I think he is quite verbal for a 21 month old, but I could be wrong, I don't have much to compare him to.
Anyway, for the past few weeks, whenever he talks to my mom & dad (who is now Abu instead of Ya Ya) they tell him they love him and he repeats, "Ub oo". Translation- "Love you". He will also throw them a kiss and make a kissing noise when they ask for one. He, however, will NOT do this for me or Brian! Shows you where we stand.
Well, last night he just melted my heart! You may recall a previous post where we were playing the "Do you love me?" game and he only loved Ami & Hunter. I have finally reached Ami & Hunter status! And on his own no less! I was putting him to bed last night and this is what happened:
Mama- "Night night Buddy. See you in the morning."
Jaxon - "Mama, kish"
Then he puckers his lips and waits for me to bend down so he can kiss me!
M- "Thanks, Bud. Sleep tight."
J- "Mama, ub oo. Nigh nigh"
M- "I love you too"
As my heart is puddy in his hands!
That moment was as wonderful as the moment that I saw him for the first time! I am pretty sure I had a little tear in my eye.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Goofing Around

Just some random pictures of us around the house. I thought they were too cute not to share. I'm loving that when Jaxon sees a camera he gives a goofy smile and says, "Cheese!" Love it! What was my life like before this precious little boy? I can't even remember any more.
Jaxon & Mama self portrait

Goofy smile

Gosh, I LOVE this little face!


Seeing the house from a new perspective

Why do toddlers love kitchen supplies so much?

Jaxon & Daddy signing Valentine cards for his Valentine's Day party at the babysitter's.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Day!

It snowed today, AGAIN. Today was my day off so Jaxon and I were able to go play in the snow. Well, more like stand and look at it. He was pretty darn cute with the snow. I asked him if he wanted to go outside to play and very enthusiastically he said, "YEAH! Jacket." and went to find his jacket. Outside we went. We walks onto the snow, it gets on his shoe and he says, "Mess! Mess!" He walked around the yard to check things out and was in awe of everything. He quickly came back inside to where it was warm and Lola was waiting for him. Yes, Lola is visiting this week and of course it snows! She did not go out with us, however.

Our snow covered yard.

Wow! Look at that!

Hmm, I'm not so sure about this thing.
This may be kinda fun!

What a cute little face!

What happened to my sand box?

I love this tiny footprints

A little sad he can't open his sandbox.

Mess! Mess!

Lola showed him how to catch snowflakes with his tongue. This is his attempt!

Making a mess is kind of fun!