Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another Pearson Vacation

I use the term vacation loosely. If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that our planned vacations never go as planned. Something always happens that makes it not-so-vacationy. Well, why would this spring break be any different??

Several months ago (October, I think) Brian won a sales around for his company. Not really sure what it was, but he got a nice little crystal thing with his name engraved on it. He also won an American Express travel card that could be used to go anywhere in the world! Woo Hoo! Brian asked me what we should do with it and I immediately said, "Let's go to Hawaii for spring break." SOLD! We chatted with my parents and they said (well, more like I told them) they would babysit Jaxon that week! Woo Hoo! An adult vacation! We started researching and planning our trip around Thanksgiving and finalized everything in January. It was going to be great! We were super excited. Even my parents were excited! My mom was coming up with all sorts of things to do with Jaxon while he was on vacation.

Fast forward to 3 days before our trip. I check to find out what the weather is going to be like in Maui... not so good. Rain, rain, and more rain! EWWW! I said to Brian, "We should just cancel. All I want is a tan and won't be able to get it if it rains. Might as well stay in Tucson where it's supposed to be sunny all week." (Why oh why did I open my big mouth? I should know better than to say things like this.) Brian replies, "That's crazy talk! We aren't cancelling. For one, it would cost WAY too much money to cancel at this point. Two, it'll be nice to just sit on our hotel deck, read, listen to tunes & have some drinks without Bubba running around. And three, we can still go to the beach if it's raining. You'll be wet anyway." He had a few valid points. I mentally prepared for a rainy tropical adult vacation.

Fast forward to Friday, we drive the 6 1/2 hours to Tucson, with a perfectly behaved little boy! This was weird and nice. Brian & I didn't even want to admit out loud how good he was being until we were safely at my parent's house. Once in Tucson, Brian went to visit some friends and I went to celebrate my friend's Sarah's new baby. She was having her baby shower on Saturday, but we would be gone so Sarah, Ami & I got together to do a little baby showering of our own.

Saturday morning is now here! We are getting ready to head up to Phoenix to catch our direct flight to Maui when Brian gets a phone call and says, "Don't get too excited our flight has just been cancelled." WHAT?? Yes, our flight was cancelled due to mechanical failure on the plane and apparently US Airways does not believe in finding a new plane. They said they could try to get us on a flight on Sunday afternoon, but it was pretty full, so most likely there would be no room for us. Yes, we got screwed! THANK GOD that Brian had the thought of purchasing travel insurance. Once we fill out paper work we should be refunded the flight, the rental car, the hotel and the excursions we had planned.

I was bummed! No tan, no drinks on the deck, no leisurely reading, no girly dresses to wear . That was another thing. I packed for Hawaii, not Tucson! All I brought were dresses. I did bring a pair of jeans and a few shirts knowing that I was going to the Bunch triplet's birthday party the day we got back. Yes, a trip to Target was in order!

To make matters worse, I left my glasses at home, my camera broke & Jaxon broke my nose. Yes, Jax whacked me in the nose with his big 'ol head! Almost 2 weeks later and it still hurts to touch my nose. At least the black eyes and throbbing head ache has gone away.

On the BRIGHT side.....

I was able to go to Sarah's baby shower.

Sarah & James.
This game was change, dress & put a baby in their carseat.

We went to the zoo with the Bunchkins.
This was the last picture my camera took before it died. Wish I had more from the zoo....
Ami said she would email the ones she took... (Maybe a public reminder will help her :) )

Brian and I spent the night at the JW Marriot at Starrpass.
We had some beverages

We sat by the pool

Making the best of our "vacation"

and we weren't exhausted from flying when we went to the Bunchkin's 1st birthday party!
Happy 1st birthday Colton, Hunter & Ethan!

Jaxon spent almost the entire time in the jumping castle. He has been to several birthday parties with jumping castles and LOVES them! He made a beeline for this one and waited for me on the outside. "Mama shoes! Shoes off!" How did he remember he had to take his shoes off?? It has been at least 3 months since the last party he's been too?

Jumping with Prestton Fisher

His new friend Katie Lofgren. If you look closely, she is holding his hand. I have to say, she was EXTREMELY sweet to Jaxon!

Walking back to the jumping castle.

Climbing into the jumping castle

Pinata time! You know a police officer is hosting the birthday party when the kids have to use a night stick to open the pinata!


Much to Brian's disappointment, Jaxon only took one lollipop and called it good!

We stayed a little longer than the rest of the guests and jumped with the birthday boys and girl.

Jumping with Mary

You know it was a fun party when he's asleep before we get to the end of their street!

Even though our Hawaii vacation was a bust, our spring break turned out pretty good. We spent time with family and friends we don't see often which was very nice. Everything happens for a reason and I think we were meant to be in Tucson for Spring Break.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jaxon the Zoo Keeper

Jaxon LOVES animals! He loves reading books about animals, looking at pictures & playing with them. At Christmas time Santa brought him some toy horses that he won't go anywhere without. Last week, we were in Target and he spotted a set of animals and went nuts! "Mama! Efant! Hold it! Ion! Hold it! Ebra! Hold it! Translation: Elephant, Lion, Zebra. I HAD to let him hold it. Then he is going around Target telling everyone about his animals. Needless to say, I had to buy the animal set. He barely let the cashier scan it.
Anyway... He is now obsessed with these new animals. He bathes with them, sleeps with them, takes them out and about, etc, etc. Well, now he likes to put his wild animals in his Fisher Price Farm. Today we had to go to Wal-Mart and I said to Jax, "Come on. Get your elephant and lion and go to the door." Well, he not only picked up his animals he also decided the farm was going with him! Here are 3 videos of him trying to take the farm. I must warn you that the terrible twos tantrum can be seen!

All the way to Wal-Mart he boo-hooed and called for his "sharm"- farm. Then he would say, "No no Daddy. No pay sharm" Thank goodness Wal-Mart is less than 10 minutes away! Once we got there he asked for snacks and was over his sharm. He had his lion, elephant, horse and blue puppy. Life was good again.

Brian & I get such a kick out of him playing by himself and we love how his imagination is developing everyday. I have been trying to capture the moments of Jaxon playing quietly, unsuccessfully. The moment he sees the camera he comes running over and wants to watch the "baby" (which is him). This time is no different, except that I was able to interact with him and ask him some questions about his animals. He is too cute! I just can't get over how much he is talking!

PS Just checked out the last video and realized it was a little long. Sorry. BUT Jaxon says one of his favorite new phrases (which is cute sometimes) "Ummmm... NO." And the reason he is so close to the camera is because he is literally trying to climb my leg to get to the camera.

Monday, March 8, 2010

22 Month Snapshot

22 months ago today my sweet little Jaxon Joe came into this world.
I know that this is something I should probably do when he's 2 or should have done when he was 18 months ( I didn't think of it then), but I want to remember Jaxon right now, before the dreaded terrible twos (which start WELL before 2 and no one really tells you!) So here's a snapshot of Jaxon at 22 months:

Weight: 25 lbs 4 oz

Height: 34 inches - 2 ft. 10 inches

Clothes Size: 18/24 months

Shoe Size: 5.5 (except I can't find any, so he wears a 6 and his feet have some wiggle room)

Diaper Size: 4

Favorite TV Show: Handy Manny & Meet the Letters

Favorite Song: Itsy Bitsy Spider ("Ibby") & Hot Dog, the song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Favorite Lovey: Blue Puppy ("Papi", "Papi Dog")

Favorite Book: ALL of them! He LOVES LOVES LOVES books. A few we read frequently: "Gamma leeping" -The Napping House, "Iya" -Good Night, Gorrilla, "Moose" - Morris the Moose, "Hoe-sy" -Gallop

Favorite Vegetable: Corn
Favorite Fruit: Grapes ("Beeps". Every now and again he says "Bapes".)

Favorite Toy: Puzzles & his new T-Ball set or "cheese ball" as he calls it.

Favorite Snack: Pretzels & Goldfish

Some Things Jaxon can do:

~ say 2-3 word setences: "Up you pees" Help me please (Yeah, I don't get it either), "Moe pees Mama" More please Mama, "Ba-bees ammas" Baby's pajamas, "Anses ouse" Frances' House

~ say some Spanish words! boca = mouth, todo = All done, papa = potato, aqua = water,
oso = bear, noches = good night, pipa = tummy
~ can point to the correct parts of his face when asked in Spanish

~ feed Lucy, play fetch with Lucy, hold Lucy's leash while on a walk
~ hold my hand when we walk across a parking lot. - My favorite!
Jaxon's Personality:
Jaxon is very friendly, yet reserved. He has to observe a situation before he jumps in. Once he has gotten the lay of the land he goes for it! He says hi to everyone, everywhere, but is leary to engage any further until he knows for sure things are okay.
Jaxon is very strong willed and independent. He wants to try things himself first before asking for help. If you try to help him before he has had a chance to explore, watch out!
Jaxon wants things his way and if he doesn't get what he wants, oh dear!. J
axon does not like to be messy! He will be the first to tell you if his hands are icky.
He has been a pretty easy going little guy, but as of late this is changing!
Jaxon is a great sleeper and wonderful eater! His babysitter, Frances, says he hasn't met a food he doesn't like... brussel sprouts included!
Jaxon LOVES his Daddy as much as he loves his Mama, but may love Abu & Lola more.
Jaxon is a very happy, loving, kind hearted little boy and Brian & I are so very proud of him. We say there can't possibly be a boy is loved more than he is.

Posing in the bathtub

I can't believe that in 2 short months my teeny tiny little baby will be 2 years old! Where does the time go??

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring Training 2010

As you all well know, all Brian wants is for Jax to be a golfer. Well, the 2nd thing he wants is for Jaxon to play baseball. Brian has fond memories of playing little league as a kid, going to the batting cages and playing catch with his dad. Brian says he would have played baseball in high school but he was too chubby to run the bases (his words not mine). So, naturally he has been anxious to play baseball with Jaxon. Last week we bought him a Little Tykes T-ball set and today was a PERFECT weather day... sunshine, 60 degrees and best of all NO WIND!! We spent all afternoon outside playing baseball. I must say I was shocked at how much Jaxon not only liked it, but kept with it. A toddler's attention span is about as long as a fly's so for him to play for hours was amazing. Well, he did get distracted every now and again by the rocks, but never mind that he kept coming back to the bat and ball. Brian and I were also pleasantly surprised to see how coordinated he is. He actually hit the ball pretty well!

Here's our future Babe Ruth (he was a good baseball player right?)

Then he decided that using a baseball was overrated so he tried a soccer ball!