Monday, May 18, 2009

First Hair Cut!

Yesterday was the day... Jaxon's 1st hair cut! Brian has been dying to cut his hair for awhile now, but we had to wait until he was a year old (if you cut his hair before he's 1, he won't talk... my mom's belief). Jaxon did pretty well. We went to Pro Cuts, the 2nd place we went to. I must admit it looked a little shady, but there was no wait so in we went.

Laura was going to be the one to do the honors. Now, think Kat Von D from TLC's LA Ink, that is who this girl reminded me of. She was awfully sweet and patient with our little "beast". He was really excited to sit in the chair, then Laura comes up to talk to him and what does he do? He gives her the stink eye! She tries to be friendly and he swats her hand away! That kid! At this point, Brian starts feeding Jax cookies to distract him and it works for a bit.
Let the cutting begin....

Kat Von D, tattoos and all!

When we left Brian says, I thought we had taken him to a tattoo shop for a second!

He would try to escape everytime she sprayed him with the water bottle.

The end of the hair cut came when she brought out the clippers! Jax was having no part of this and he let us know. Thankfully, Brian isn't shy and says, "Ok, I think that's enough. How much do we owe you?" After we pay, $12.78 plus a $5.00 tip!! sheesh!, Brian tells Kat Von D, "Dont' worry, we won't be back." Oh Brian! I am sure everyone in there was happy to see us walk out that door!

So, I hate to say this about my own son, but I can't keep my mouth shut. I think he looks like George O'Malley from Grey's Anatomy! After I mentioned it to Brian, he refers to Jaxon as George now, yet another nickname!

Just in case you don't know who George is

On the way home from LA Ink, I mean, Pro Cuts

Later on that afternoon...

This morning. yup, still looks like George!

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Kathy Meindl said...

Hey, Anabelle,

I found your blog through Ami Bunch's. I taught with you one year at Cottonwood, way back in the day. I love finding out about the latest with Jaxon. Thanks for the update on your thyroid as well.

There are two things I have been meaning to tell you - the first is that Jaxon, to me, looks like Jessica Alba's daughter, Honor. Check out this link:

I, of course, think Jaxon is WAY cuter!!!

Also, I think Brian's mom was my PE teacher when I was a freshman at Suffolk Hills High School. What a small world!!

Hope all is well!

Kathy Meindl