Sunday, January 20, 2013

Climbin', Movin' and Shakin'

Reese is everything Jaxon wasn't as a baby... a bad sleeper, colicky, a spitter, a crier, a late talker and most recently, a climber. Girl may not be a full-on walker yet, but she can climb! I've caught her on the dish washer door, the shelf, her musical activity toy and the time out chair. This one isn't staying in her crib until 3 1/2 I know that!

I walk away for a minute and find he on the chair.
She's pretty impressed with herself

She also doesn't take 'no' for an answer. After scolding her and moving her away from the chair, she was back at it.

Thank goodness I signed her up for Movers and Shakers! Our first class was last week and she had so much fun! Climbing, dancing, jumping, it's all right up her alley. Oh and did I mention having Mama all to herself? Best 45 minutes of her life! 

During the parachute, the babies are put in the middle of the parachute and the parents walk the parachute in a circle. Think carousel. Babies stay in one spot parents move the parachute. Not Reesey. She crawled her way all the way to the top of the parachute. Oh yeah. It was off the ground too. 

What? Sitting is for weanies. 

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Ami said...

Good heavens I love this girl. I love her mindset. I love her determination and feistiness. Watch out, mama..