Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rules are Meant to be Broken

In my short career as a mom I've had one rule and one rule only... NEVER let the kid out of the stroller or shopping cart. EVER. Okay, this isn't my only rule, but it's the one I value the most. There's something about kids running around the aisles that drives me insane. They take stuff off the shelves, they get in people's way, they get lost. Ugh. I think the main reason I keep my kids contained is because of the other customers. I don't want people giving me the evil eye because my kids are out of control.
How we are supposed to shop
 To this day Jaxon sits in the basket. And he's 4 1/2. He only walks once there is no more room for groceries.

Enter Reese. She has made me break my favorite rule. I really had no choice. The girl can't be trusted to be left in the cart unattended. 

Reese's preferred method of shopping.

I've only given her freedom twice. This week. We went to Target and as Jaxon's reward for being good, we stopped by the toys to look around. As you can imagine, Reese was having no part of staying put. So, I gave in. I figured, I had no shopping to do in this section, I could 'control' her. 
Wow! Was she ever happy?!

At this point, I was getting anxious. She was pulling toys off the shelves and trying to climb them. 
I said to Jax, "We have to go. Reese is making a mess." His response?, "Just put her back in the cart."
The lady in the aisle chuckled. Dude speaks the truth. 

Sweet freedom was short lived. Thank goodness. 
I compromised and let her sit in the basket. 

Ah. Reese. I'm sure this won't be the only rule I'll break for you. 
Jaxon has every right to say to me, "But you let Reese do it. Why can't I?"
One day, you'll understand, Bud. 


Ami said...

This might be one of my favorite posts of all time!
She looks SO happy! She should just be a temporary Bunchkin! You know we're all 'Free Willy' when it comes to shopping! Anyway, Hilarious. Totally made me smile.

Courtney said...

Love this post!! Love love love the picture of Reese being "free" for the first time. She looks so happy. When we go on our Target date for Jaxon's birthday I hope to see her excitement first hand ;)

Danielle Geck said...

This was just wonderful!!! I love your blog and how honest they are! Your a mommy I look up to!

Michelle Thomas said...

Love it!!! You and I are going to have to keep a tight rein in your littlest ones someday, aren't we?!?