Friday, January 18, 2013

Conversations with Jaxon

The other night, Jaxon & I went to a small party with my parents. On the way home Jaxon is talking non-stop, nothing new really. All of a sudden he comes up with this gem...

J - "I was in Mary's tummy"
M - Thinking of my friend Mary, say, "No. You were in my tummy."
J- "No. I was in Mary's tummy. In heaven."
M - "Whaat??"
J - "Yeah. I was in Mary's tummy. You know while I was waiting to be born. While God was trying to decide who my parents would be. I was in Mary's tummy."
Abu - "Wow. Mary must have a big tummy if all babies are there waiting to be born."
J - "No. It was just me. It was a big tummy. As big as Mama's when Reese was in it."


On the way from school to get Reese he gives me another whopper.

J - "I wish we could have another baby."
M - "Really? You want to have another baby?"
J - "Yeah. I do."
M - "What kind of baby do you want?" I'm thinking boy or girl baby.
J - "A white skinned baby."
M - "Oh. Ok. How about a girl or boy baby?"
J - "A boy."
M - "What will you name him?"
J - "I don't know. I'll decide when he comes out."


M - "Jax, I love you so much."
J - "Do you love me more than my sister."
M - "I love you just the same."
J - "You should love me more. I don't climb or do naughty things."


I've decided it's time we start going back to church. We were consistent for awhile, but stopped going sometime before Reese was born. The night before, I went through the whole, "There's no talking during church. We can only take 3 small toys and a coloring book. You have to wear something nice." Etc. Etc.

During mass he had a slew of questions. "Why do they sing so much? Why do we have to stand for so long? What is Baptism? Why is church so long? Why do we have to hold hands? Where is God?" My favorites...

During the opening prayer he says, "Mama. I saw God." Then a few minutes later, "Mama? Why isn't the waitress talking?" Waitress? Huh???

And during the homily, "Blah, blah, blah." 
Super. Now I remember why we stopped going to church.


Reese's new thing is to stick out her tongue. She sometimes sticks out her tongue and tries to "kiss" you. She went in for one of these kisses with Jaxon and Jaxon stuck his tongue right out and let her "kiss" him. Jaxon responds with, "Look Mama! Reese & I are lick kissing!" 

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Courtney said...

Blah blah blah. That is hilarious. I'm sure the priest would love to know that ;) Slash I cannot blame Jax, sometimes when a homily is really long and drawn out I think blah blah blah too ;) I thoroughly enjoy my conversations with Jaxon, he always makes me laugh.