Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Conversations with Jaxon

It's been quite awhile so I present another 'Jaxon-ism' post!

While on our way to school on September 11, we heard a tribute song for the victims. Jaxon was immediately aware that something 'not good' happened and started with the questions. Not wanting to lie to him or cover anything up, I told him as much of the facts as I could in kid-friendly language.
 He was STILL talking about it when I picked him up that afternoon and that evening after dinner. He says to me, "I don't think that really happened. I think you're just pretending." I should have just let it go and said, "yes, you're right." But I didn't think that was right. So, I Googled pictures of 9/11. Yeah. Maybe not the smartest thing, but Jaxon is fairly mature and handles facts well. 
As we are looking at the pictures and I'm giving him facts about that tragic day he says, "I don't think the bad guy was really bad. I think he was a good guy who was eating a snack and let go of the plane's steering wheel and crashed into the building by accident."  
There you have it. Such an innocent mind. 


My dad's birthday was last month so we baked him brownies and sang happy birthday. After he blew out the candles Jaxon asks him, "Did you wish for love, Abu?"


Jaxon like to play Starbucks when he's in the tub. Last night he asked me if I wanted a 'peppercino'  or a FRAPPacino. 


Jaxon has really taken to drawing pictures and writing stories. He insists on hanging everything up. This is what our fridge looks like all of the time.

A few of my favorites:

Jaxon's fish 'Rocky' died a couple months ago. He drew a picture of him and told Ms. Courtney what happened. 
"He fell on the ground out of his cage. Last night he died. We saw him floating on top. I didn't see him, I was taking a bath. My dad didn't show me."
That pretty much sums it up. 
Rocky's bowl was on Jaxon's dresser. Jaxon climbed up and the entire dresser fell over taking Rocky with it. The next day, Rocky was dead. 

And this one. The preschool ordered an Ocean Animal toy set of course Jaxon was all over it. Well, he was all over me to order him the set. He also was all over bringing the box home. Yeah. That wasn't happening. That last thing I need is another random box floating around. So, when I said no. He thought and thought of how to bring it home and he came up with this. Cutting the picture out, gluing it to a piece of paper and calling it an art project. Gotta hand it to him. He's pretty clever!

One day at school he must have been feeling especially punchy because he 'wrote' me a letter. Sigh. Wait till you read it. It's hilarious! Let me give you background. I usually see Jaxon at recess and I am almost always summoned to him each time. On this particular day we missed each other. He also got a boo boo and the only band aid Ms. Courtney had was a big one. Of course that wasn't good enough. 
So here goes...

I want to wear a band aid that isn't big. I want to bring a blanket to school. I have to wear a big bandaid. I don't want to. I can take it off when we go inside. I want to take a nap here.I want you to come out. I checked today and you weren't out. I wanted to tell you something. I want to go home. My band aid is scratchy. I want to go play at home. I want my forest animals that I ordered. They are going to take seven days. I want to be like my normal self without a bandaid. I want to give you this note. Come outside.

One last thing. Jaxon helped Brian cut the grass one weekend. With scissors.

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