Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Or is pream as Jaxon calls it.

Ok, let's start at the beginning. Brian has been feeding Jaxon ice cream since he was 3 months old, against my wishes. I am not exaggerating. Whenever we would go to the mall, Brian would stop at Dairy Queen, buy an ice cream cone, sit on a bench with baby Jaxon and I would enjoy some peace & quiet while shopping. Well, as I shopped, Brian shared his ice cream with a teeny tiny Jaxon. Of course he LOVED it! This is now a tradition in our little family.
Another tradition is eating lunch at Jason's Deli several times a month. Yes, I said SEVERAL! Believe me, I protest, but always lose and this is why... "It's cheap." "I love their soup." "I'm not THAT hungry, so want something light." "They have free, all-you-can-eat ice cream!" (Brian pleading his case). So, as with the Dairy Queen tradition, Brian shares his ice cream with Jaxon. Today went a little differently...
When it was FINALLY time for dessert, Brian declared, "I'm going to get my own cone & a cup for Bubba." No problem. Brian came back gave Jaxon his cup and Jaxon enthusiastically (notice he is enthusiastic about almost everything.) yells, "IS PREAM!" and claps! This is the first time Jax has actually said ice cream and it cracked me up that he calls it "is pream".
Now it's my turn to get my "is pream." I come back with my cone and am about to take my first bite when I feel a little grubby hand tug on my cone! Jaxon stole my cream away from me and wouldn't give it back! Never mind he had his own cup in front of him. I was not about to have a battle of wills in Jason's Deli so I just went and got myself another cone.
Jaxon was as pleased as punch with himself when I got back. He kept telling me, "Mama, is pream. Is pream. YEAH!" Oh, the happiness. And the MESS! He had is pream everywhere! Thank goodness for wipes! We went through about 3 of them by the time he finished. I should have waited, but he had is pream dripping down his chest. Poor guy though, didn't realize that is pream gives you brain freezes and quite a few times he's put the cone down, start crying and hold his head! It was hilarious! That didn't detour him though. He ate the ENTIRE cone! We couldn't believe it. He was soooo happy!
MMM. Is pream.

Notice the white stuff dripping down his shirt.

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Ami said...

Well I can't say that I blame him! I'd want my own cone full of ice pream too! Cute story! Next time we come visit, I'll be looking forward eating some too! Probably at the same bench where we always people watch! Good times..