Saturday, February 13, 2010

He Loves Me! (finally)

I love how Jaxon is now at the age that we can have "conversations". It is so fun (sometimes not) to hear his opinion, understand what he wants & have him answer questions. I think he is quite verbal for a 21 month old, but I could be wrong, I don't have much to compare him to.
Anyway, for the past few weeks, whenever he talks to my mom & dad (who is now Abu instead of Ya Ya) they tell him they love him and he repeats, "Ub oo". Translation- "Love you". He will also throw them a kiss and make a kissing noise when they ask for one. He, however, will NOT do this for me or Brian! Shows you where we stand.
Well, last night he just melted my heart! You may recall a previous post where we were playing the "Do you love me?" game and he only loved Ami & Hunter. I have finally reached Ami & Hunter status! And on his own no less! I was putting him to bed last night and this is what happened:
Mama- "Night night Buddy. See you in the morning."
Jaxon - "Mama, kish"
Then he puckers his lips and waits for me to bend down so he can kiss me!
M- "Thanks, Bud. Sleep tight."
J- "Mama, ub oo. Nigh nigh"
M- "I love you too"
As my heart is puddy in his hands!
That moment was as wonderful as the moment that I saw him for the first time! I am pretty sure I had a little tear in my eye.

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Ami said...

That put a little tear in MY eye! I'm sorry Hunter and I have caused such strife in the house, but certainly glad to hear that Jaxon finally recognizes what a great mama he has! I miss you guys!