Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Day!

It snowed today, AGAIN. Today was my day off so Jaxon and I were able to go play in the snow. Well, more like stand and look at it. He was pretty darn cute with the snow. I asked him if he wanted to go outside to play and very enthusiastically he said, "YEAH! Jacket." and went to find his jacket. Outside we went. We walks onto the snow, it gets on his shoe and he says, "Mess! Mess!" He walked around the yard to check things out and was in awe of everything. He quickly came back inside to where it was warm and Lola was waiting for him. Yes, Lola is visiting this week and of course it snows! She did not go out with us, however.

Our snow covered yard.

Wow! Look at that!

Hmm, I'm not so sure about this thing.
This may be kinda fun!

What a cute little face!

What happened to my sand box?

I love this tiny footprints

A little sad he can't open his sandbox.

Mess! Mess!

Lola showed him how to catch snowflakes with his tongue. This is his attempt!

Making a mess is kind of fun!

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