Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Done with Tucson!

Jaxon is forever naming people he knows and wondering where they are.
"Oya. Are you?" - Lola, where are you?
"Abu. Are you?"
"Gramma. Are you?"
"EE Bee. Are you?" - Phoebe, Gramma dog.
"Izzie. Are you?" - My mom's dog.
"Ami. Are you?"
"Babies. Are you?"
"Daddy. Are you?"

My answer to all of these questions is:
"Lola's in Tucson."
"Abuelo is in Tucson with Lola."
"Gramma's in Tucson."
"Phoebe is in Tucson with Gramma."
"Izzie is in Tucson with Abuelo & Lola."
"Ami is in Tucson."
"The babies are in Tucson too."
"Daddy's at work."
(He probably wonders I never go anywhere. I've wondered the same thing, little boy!)

Then Jaxon will repeat whoever he's asked about and say, "Oya? On?" which means "Lola? in Tucson?" "Yes, Lola's in Tucson."

This weekend, Brian went to visit his mom, who is still recovering from her 2nd knee surgery in a month. I chose to stay home since Jaxon has had a pretty nasty cough and runny nose. I would have liked to go to get some sunshine and warm weather, but the good mom came out in me!

Anywho, all weekend Jaxon kept looking for Daddy. I would say, "Daddy's bye bye. Daddy's at work." One time I made the mistake of telling him the truth.
"Daddy. Are you?"

"Daddy's in Tucson."

"NO NO Daddy. No On!" - No no Daddy. Not in Tucson!

I think he was afraid Daddy had left us for this wonderful land of Tucson he keeps hearing so much about.

Poor little guy. He was quite upset.

I think from now on I shall tell untruths to my son to protect him. Where should people be? The mall, Target, school?

"No no Daddy!"

He's actually saying, "Ucy! Oove! Oove Ucy!" - Lucy! Move! Move Lucy!

And yes, we get that finger wagging A LOT!

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Sarah said...

how cute! poor joey probably thinks that the evil tucson is stealing all his loved ones and now it got daddy too! ;) you know... there is a solution to all this, moving back to tucson! :)