Friday, February 26, 2010

A Boy & His Dog

Jaxon and Lucy absolutely love each other! They are definitely best friends. One of the first things Jaxon says in the morning is "Ucy!" and is extremely excited to see her jumping up on his crib. When we are pulling onto our street he starts yelling, "Ucy! Ome!" (Lucy! Home!) He looks forward to feeding her dinner and giving her treats through out the day. Lucy has loved Jaxon since day one.
I couldn't resist posting this. It is such a sweet picture for their first meeting.
She is never too far from him and if he so much as wimpers she is right there to make sure he is okay. These days she's next to him because he always has food!
It simply warms my heart to see them playing.
Here are a few pictures from last Saturday morning.

Yes, Jaxon is wearing Christmas jammies in February! Please don't judge.

Puppy Kisses

Oh, so tired!

Playing tug of war

After playing tug of war, Jaxon got Lucy's leash from the closet and Brian hooked Lucy up and told Jax to go for a walk.

I love Lucy's face! Jaxon was walking backwards keeping a close eye on Lucy.

Jax bumping into his tricycle. Walking backwards is not a good idea when there are obstacles in your way!

He was set to down the street!

Waiting for Daddy to get jackets so they can walk down the street. Yup, we let Jax out of the house in Christmas jammies in February! I am that mom!


kershner3 said...

Aww so sweet! I wore Christmas jammies last night:)

Sarah said...

cute! :)

Jen said...

A boy and his dog, one of the best relationsships...of course momma and baby come first :)