Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A GIRL for the Pearsons!

Yup Mother's intuition was right, again. And the majority of the votes! We will be having a girl! I am so excited! I actually shed a tear or two when the ultrasound tech told us. Brian thought of all the money that would leave our bank account for clothes, shoes, manicures, pedicures, proms, wedding...
She was an absolute spit fire during the ultrasound. Must have been the marshmallows and Snickers I had before the appointment (thank you Dr. Bunch). She was moving so much! The tech was having a hard time looking at her heart. Each time she would try to get a measurement Baby Girl would twist, flip or move out of the way.

This ultrasound was so much better than Jaxon's. We could see her eyes, her mouth, her perfect little feet and toes. We saw her trying to suck her thumb, but hitting her nose instead. So adorable. I could have watched her all day.

Trying to suck her thumb, but missing.

Looking straight at us.

We did have to wait until the VERY end of the appoitment (oh and 45 minutes in the waiting room) to find out she was a she, but oh it was worth it.
I did ask the tech how sure she was she was a she. She said we could paint the room pink and if the baby turned out to be a boy she would come repaint it for us.

No outside plumbing as the tech put it! (There's a little tiny arrow pointing to her vajayjay)

Baby Girl's very first outfit.

We were so excited, and nervous, to tell Jaxon. A few days ago he told me that if the baby was a girl, he would "sit on the couch and cry." Things weren't looking good. He didn't go to the appointment with us because it was during his naptime, so Lola stayed home with him. He was NOT in a good mood when we arrived . He was watching Blue's Clues so I was going to wait to give him the news. Brian, however, couldn't wait. I think he's happy. You be the judge.


Adam and Samantha said...

So cute! He will be an awesome big brother! She'll have her own body guard growing up! I'm so excited for you guys =)

Ami said...

That is SOO cute! He's gonna love his baby sister! (After a short period of certain jealousy and hate, no doubt). But oh, good times for the girls. I can not wait to meet her!!