Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Saturday

Today started off like every other Saturday.... Jaxon wakes up, we watch cartoons and snuggle in bed and have a nice breakfast of waffles and sausage. Love Saturdays.

Today I got an unexpected laugh and smile courtesy of Jaxon.

I'm in the kitchen cleaning up after breakfast. Brian, Jaxon & Lucy head to the backyard. Brian to check on our new firepit. Jaxon to ride his tricycle on the patio and Lucy just because she loves Brian more.

One minute I look up and see Jaxon FULLY CLOTHED riding his tricycle. Literally, the next minute I look up and see Jaxon COMPLETELY NAKED running through the sprinklers.

His squeals and laughter were priceless. Made me smile. Made my day. All I could think of was how cute it's going to be when there is a little girl trying to keep up with her big brother.

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