Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stroller Building Saturday Night?

Where did our counter dancing days go?

We used to be fun.

We used to start our Friday, Saturday, sometimes even Wednesday or Thursday nights at 9:00 pm or later.

Now we are all Moms or very soon-to-be Moms. So a big night out really means a night in with BJs takeout and no kids.

And can I tell you? It WAS fun! We laughed, I almost peed my pants a few times.

We searched the Pinteresting website (yeah, still not sure what it is, but I am assured it is fun.) We even put together Mary's stroller and carseat.

All that productiveness and I was still home and in bed before 11:00 pm!

Yeah. We are THAT cool.

Mary (she really ate a lot! :) ), Sarah & Ami

Good Friends

Baby Bumps... BFFs or future husband and wife? We'll know tomorrow!

Non-existent bellys

"Really, this can't be too complicated"

Snap! Clac! Ruido! According to the manual, if we heard these sounds we were successful.

Tomorrow is the BIG ANATOMICAL ULTRASOUND Day (Technical term) In Layman's terms... penis or vajayjay.

Many of you have voted and it is a landslide for a girl! My own personal opinion... Girl.

I had a feeling Jax would be a boy and he is, so I think Mother's intuition may play part. We'll know for sure tomorrow! I can't wait!

Not sure how couples can go the entire pregnancy without knowing. Also not sure how couples can go in for a planned C-section. I'm on pins and needles just for an ultrasound, can't imagine the anticipation of knowing for certain that tomorrow I will have a new baby!

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