Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gone Fishin'

s on baby brain). So, Friday afternoon, Brian headed out to Wal-Mart to get so
me fishing gear. You know, a fishing license, pole, bait, etc. Who knew you needed a license to fish?
I certainly did not.
So, Friday evening, Brian presented Jaxon with his very
own Spider Man fishing pole. We weren't going fishing until Sunday, but Daddy thought it'd be a good idea to practice casting and reeling. It's a good idea outside, but not so much inside. Just sayin'.

And what's the best way to practice casting? Well, pantless of course!

Sunday morning we packed the car and headed up to Rose Canyon in Mt. Lemmon. Can I just say, it was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL drive! The hundreds of Saguaro cactuses, the city below, the blue sky with puffy white clouds. Beautiful. And as you go further up on the mountain, those cactuses turn to pine trees and the temperature steadily drops. Oh yeah. A cool 75 degrees at the top. Almost wished I had a light sweater :)

Ready to fish!

Showing Jaxon how to bait his hook (is that the correct term?) Notice the green tackle box? That was Brian's dad's. I find it so touching that he took it with him.
Checking out the bait
Does he not look like a professional?

Makes my heart happy

While the boys fished... Mama relaxed

Getting a closer look at the fish

About an hour into our fishing adventure, Jaxon announced he had to poop. What's a dad to do? He takes his son up a "cliff" to poop privately.

Oh this face...
To end our trip... A FAMILY PICTURE!!! How rare these are :)
This was actually a wonderful little "getaway". Brian & I were absolutely, 100% relaxed. Jaxon behaved like an angel and everything went smoothly. The only glitch? No fish. As we headed down the mountain Jaxon says, "Rosa's Canyon is no good becaaaaaause it had no fish." Today he told my brother, "I went fishin' but the fish were too shy and we didn't catch any."

(I got a new MacBook and things are a bit different on a Mac. For some reason they font is blue and the first few lines are underlined. No idea why. One day I will figure out this Mac business)

Stay tuned... We are THIS close to being ready to announce our baby girl's name!


Mary said...

What a great family outing! Jaxon looks so happy : ) Looks so peaceful there...

Nicole said...

How fun! You guys are welcome to fish with the Mikkelson's anytime!