Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ready to Help!

Jaxon is SOOO ready to be a BIG brother. Actually, he already says that he is. He asks me almost on a daily basis, "Mommy, what are we going to do with this baby?" The first time he asked was one of those days when I was actually thinking the same thing myself, "What are we going to do with TWO kids! How will we split our time?" So I said to him, "I really don't know Jaxon." He responds, "MOOOOM, we are going to give her a bottle, we'll change her diapers, we'll tickle her and we'll give her kisses." Talk about melting my heart and putting a mom at ease!
Honestly, I am seriously amazed with this child and the words that come out of his mouth! Now when he asks he doesn't even let me answer. He just rattles off things we'll do (more like he'll do)... teach her how to use the frog potty (he'll even help her sit up since she won't know how yet), teach her to talk, teach her to pedal a tricycle, feed her, hold her, read her books....
Needless to say, he's ready.
Ms. Courtney (one of Jaxon's teachers) sent me a picture of Jaxon playing at school.
Oh yeah... He's ready!


Unknown said...

He is so sweet! He's going to be the best big brother!

Unknown said...

For some reason blogger didn't let me sign in, so the "unknown" comment is from me:0

Mary said...

That is adorable!! I can't wait for you to take a picture just like that when Reese arrives : )

Ami said...

That's a great photo!! Way to go Ms. Cortney! He's gonna love his little sister and protect her his whole life!