Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Pearson Rios Thanksgiving!

This year Brian & I decided to go to Tucson for Thanksgiving. This is the first time in 3 years that we have gone home for Thanksgiving.

The first year (2006) in New Mexico half of the Pearson's came to us and we hosted Thanksgiving (YES, I cooked EVERYTHING!!)
Yay! My first turkey is done!

Anabelle & Willard (Sue named the turkey)
Marianne, J, & Avery
Brian, Lucy & Anabelle Sue & Lucy

In 2007, Brian & I went to the Dominican Republic for Brooks & Rebecca's wedding which was on Thanksgiving weekend. No cooking that year!

Thanksgiving Day! Not a bad way to spend it.
Can you see a tiny Jaxon?

Wedding Day!
The beautiful bride Rebecca and Brooks
2008 brought Grammie Sue to Rio Rancho once again and we enjoyed a nice quiet Thanksgiving with the cutest 6 month old baby around!

Mama & her pilgrim
Daddy and his pilgrim Grammie Sue & JaxonTa Da! Willard the 2nd!
Grammie Sue feeding Jaxon mashed potatoes. He wasn't a fan that year, but this year he ate a feast!

That brings us to 2009. This was also the first year, in a long time, that my dad did not have to fly on Thanksgiving! So all the Rios' were under one roof. The Pearsons came over to my parent's house to celebrate. It is so nice to be able to have our 2 families together. We all get a long and we have a wonderful time!

Jaxon and Abuelo waiting for food.

Daddy & Jaxon (no pilgrim this year)
Or Mommy & Jaxon... Jax will only call Brian Mommy!

Brian, Jaxon & Uncle Mike

Chloe, Jose & Misty

Uncle Mike, Aunt Kathie, Kory, Kailey & Brandon

Misty & Chloe

Chloe & Jaxon

Grammie Sue & Jaxon

Anabelle, Brian, Jaxon & Sue

Our nephew, Kory

Proud Grandparents

The Pearson and the Rios Families:

Standing: Brian, Anabelle, Misty, Jose, Aunt Kathie, Uncle Mike, Kory, Brandon, Kaylie. sitting: Grammie Sue w/ Chloe, Abuelo w/ Jaxon, Lola

I just want to say that while I am short, I'm not THAT short. I'm barefoot & Misty is wearing heels!

Happy Thanksgiving! We will be together again in a few short weeks of Christmas... we can't wait!

PS... While Brian drives I get snacks, drinks, change the iPod, keep the conversation alive, read magazines or picture books aloud, etc, etc.

This is what I get when it's my turn to drive

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Sarah said...

hee hee :) LOVE the pic of brian snoozing away in the passenger seat! that is totally james too! i just hope you were not driving 80 mph down the freeway and snapping that picture! seems even more dangerous than texting and driving!