Sunday, December 27, 2009

4th Annual Christmas Cookie Craft Disaster War

The girls and I had our 4th annual Christmas Cookie Crafts Disaster War last week. What is that you ask? Well, 4 years ago we had the grand idea of baking Christmas cookies together. Well, I'm not sure what we did wrong, but those cookies were disgusting! That's when we called it the Christmas Cookie Disaster. The following year we made cookies again, but Ami and I got into quite the argument over Peanut Butter cookies. That's when it became the Christmas Cookie War Disaster. The 3rd year we got smart and decided to make crafts and asked Sarah, the baker & non-crafter, to bake the cookies ahead of time. That was the
Christmas Cookie Crafts War Disaster.

To be honest, I don't really remember many crafts being made. We were more concerned with fixing Ami's nursery and where she should put Hunter's crib, in between her brothers, or on her own wall? It was fairly successful last year so we didn't change a thing (except for the crafts). Mary & I each brought a craft from kindergarten to share with the girls. I mean, if it can be done with 20-some-odd kindergartners surely we can handle it right? The main project of the evening was Mary's Rice Snowmen. They are absolutely adorable and totally easy! I will be borrowing this idea next year for my own class.

It seems that each year we add a new word to our traditionso we decided Snowman would be it for this year since that seemed to be a theme. Next year we will bring a different craft and it will have to do with a certain theme. So, if anyone has any easy crafts please let us know!

Waiting for the crafts to commence

Filling a tube sock with rice. Sarah was my trusty partner, made sure I didn't spill and followed Mary's instructions

One more cup of rice to go! Then I can dress my snowman.

Mary gluing on buttons, a scarf, arms, eyes a nose and a hat Ta da! A snowman family

YAY! Sarah made crafts too! And it didn't kill her!

Ethan was the only baby who hung with us the entire night. What a trooper!

Is there more crafting supplies or empty wine glasses?? Success!

Oh, Ami, you were there!



Sarah said...

yippee! i'm glad one of us finally got some pics up! thanks! i will be stealing some of them ;) plus you forgot an extra word we threw in this year... DIRTY!! so it really should be the "dirty snowmen cookie craft war disaster!" hee hee :)

Ami said...

No kidding! Way to go! I think when I do my blog about this event, I'm just going to link it to yours! You did a much better job explaining it than I would've! :) Good times! I'm already looking forward to next year!

Mary said...

I can't wait to see what next year's word will be...I loved how you and Ami turned Sarah into a crafter : ) at least for the night!

Mary said...
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