Friday, December 4, 2009

Animal Sounds

Lately (ok, for several months now) Jaxon has been learning the names of animals & their sounds. All he does all day is make various animal sounds and whenever he sees an animal he knows he must tell us over and over and over and over and over again what it is! Of course I think it is adorable (all right, to a certain point).
I was able to capture a few of his favorites on video.
Now, when you watch this video you may say to yourself, "Does this child ever where clothes?" The answer is not very often! It's not because I am lazy (sometimes I am), but more likely that he doesn't like to wear them. Like most toddlers he prefers to be naked (Gosh, I hope this is true cause I just made that up! I hope Jaxon isn't weird). At this stage, I would rather he go naked than have a battle of wills on my hands. He would win anyway.

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Fisher Family said...

He is too cute! And he has such a great mommy that teaches him all this stuff: ) He will be super ready for kindergarten in a couple of years!!!