Friday, December 25, 2009

Who's on the Nice List?

JAXON is!! Santa treated Santa very kindly this year! Some would say he went overboard, others say no way! Before we get to Christmas Morning, let's go back to Christmas Eve.

Unfortunately, the Pearson's did not get together for Christmas this year since Grammie Sue had knee surgery on the 23rd and is still in the hospital. We missed you Grammie Sue!! Instead of the Pearson's we had the Lopez Family! We had a very nice dinner and played several games. We laughed, ate, drank, chatted and had a fabulous time.

My Little Family

Proud Abuelos. Jaxon, Abuelo Jose, Abuelo Antonio, Joaquin

Jaxon & Tio Jose were going for the serious look!

Jaxon waiting for the group picture

This smiles melts my heart!

The Rios Pearson Families. Where did Jaxon's heart breaking smile go?

Anabelle, Jaxon, Paloma & Joaquin. Jaxon was more interested in the tripod than taking a good picture!

Jaxon and Lola

Sweet Little Joaquin

Joaquin & Jaxon opening presents

Our family tradition is to get new pajamas on Christmas Eve. If you remember last year (& the year before that), my mom and I get each other the SAME jammies! Well....

This year was not much different! We didn't get each other the same, but pretty close... red with white snowflakes! Seriously!! What are we going to do!
Don't ask...

For the first time in I-don't-know-how long, my dad was home for Christmas!! Well, I couldn't leave him out of the pajama tradition! Turns out, that my mom bought Joselito the same bottoms I bought Dad! (I didn't get a picture though)


We were all looking forward to this Christmas! A baby's first Christmas is special, but there is something about the 2nd Christmas that is even more so! I guess it's because Jaxon is so expressive now. Brian & I couldn't wait to see how he reacted to each present. We were not disappointed! Santa brought Jax lots and lots of presents (I told you he was on the nice list!). He got a tricycle, a Smart & Bounce Horse, Legos, Little People Airplane, Vtech Helicopter, trucks, books, puzzles, play horses, shirts, a cash register, bath toys.

Headed towards the trike!

SOOOO many presents!

Joselito giving Lucy some Christmas Love

Jaxon is not one to be left out! He was practically sitting on poor Lucy!

"Kish ho se Ya ya" translation, "Kiss the horse Ya Ya!" (Abuelo is now Ya Ya)

I'm so tired. I think I will take a little rest on this unopened present.


Ami said...

This looks like a very fun Christmas! Good job on getting photos up so quickly! I'm WAY Slacking! :) Cute green shirt, too, Anabelle! Where did it come from? :) Was that a result of your last minute race to the mall the other day??

Sarah said...

looks like you had a fun christmas! jaxon is too adorable! i can't wait to see how christmas goes for our family next year! btw was BP drunk in the pic of him with the pj's on his head?!